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  1. here link where i posted cca http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?429523-dlc-ruthbridge-chasing-very-old-%A315k-mbna-debt-help-with-CCA-checking-please&p=4608035#post4608035
  2. what i have recieved looks like an application
  3. hi could someone direct me somewhere on here or advice me on what i should be looking for in a CCA once i have recieved it tis an old Mbna debt from 2005 with Direct legal & collections, card taken out in 1999, i have tryed searching the forum, bit bit confussed.
  4. mitsi59


    hi lovely people i sent a CCa request on 21/04/14 to Lowells for MBNA old debt from 2005, i have been paying token payments since 2005. i havent had a reply back to CCA request and have recieved a letter from Hamptons legal re-payment options. i have suspended payments since, but while going through the paperwork, i have noticed the a/c number on all their correspondence over the years does not match the account number in question. should i querry this with them?
  5. hi all update on orange debt with moorcroft in reponse to my request for a/c breakdown to moorcroft, they have replied back saying, that they have been in contact with EE 'formerly Orange' and Orange are unable to supply copy bills for this a/c as it is over 18 months old, in the meantime they have put the a/c on hold untill 4/10/14. how are they goin to manifest the bills for this a/c?
  6. could someone please advice me on what i should be looking for on the CCA & T&C's they have sent me or what my next step you be
  7. i believe there were discount letters in the early days, not seen one for a long time, i dont know why it got sold on maybe because there is no equity or he couldnt keep up the payments a nd was only able to offer a small token offer of payment, not sure bout ppi as dont have info according to one statment i have for 2005 late fee £25.00 overlimit fee £25.00 interest charged £212.22 the a/c was sold to DLC on the middle of 2005
  8. token payments of £5 pcm for 2004, £3.00 pcm for 2005 and £1.00 pcm on wards to date i dont know when the debt was sold on, but payments have been made to Dlc for a long time and recently ruthbrigde i guess i wont know any more untill i get any paperwork back for MBNA who i have SAR sorry to be vague, but i dont have a lot of paper trail, apart from letters from DCA stating a figure of how much is owed
  9. this a credit card which was taken out approx in 1999, which fell into arreas from approx 2003-2004 with a debt approx £15,000- been paying token payments from 2004 onwards i only have about 2 statments for this acc for 2005 as there are a few debts, i dont have all the statements - so im not sure which ones have a PPI on them have SAR them and awainting info back i have noticed on the the information that DLC have sent me on this a/c, which i have uploaded, the PPI box is ticked The property was sold approx in 2001, there is no available equity
  10. why do the dca always back date their letters? i recieved their response on the 3rd sept, but letter dated 28th August, they are saying they have completed their obligation under the CCA act, and to contact them within 14 days to discuss payment options, someone advice me please!!
  11. sorry for delay had trouble converting and uploading
  12. hi i have recieved a reply back for my CCA request from Direct Legal Collections, they are stating they have sent us an original copy of they agreement, with T & C attatched, please could someone on her direct me where i can find info on this forum or what i should be looking for in the agreement thanks
  13. hi sorry the CCA was sent on the 21.7.14, so should i ignore any letters? thanks
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