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  1. I have no idea the texts are "Mr blah blah contact collectica on number reference blah" only every so often (maybe once/twice a month) i never open letters addressed to anyone else, but i think i may have to
  2. I am sure it was someone who lived here, as i asked this person to leave at the start of the new year. I do not know his address, and to be frank, i don't want to know. I am emailing them now, and will copy and paste that email into a word document, print it off and send it to them also. I have said "I telephoned your office today, and spoke to someone as i am getting SMS on my landline for someone who no longer lives at my address. He told me to send a copy of my Council Tax Bill, to which i am reliably informed that I am under no obligation to do so. Unless you withdraw my te
  3. hi all, I'm getting texts from collectica for someone who used to reside at my address, but hasn't been for about two months now, long story short i don't talk to him anymore and i have no idea what this is for. I telephoned Collectica and they told me to get my address taken off their system i needed to provide a council tax bill. Do i have to give them a copy of my council tax bill ?
  4. Okay; i needed some support in this, as my partner and i live together and he's just lost his job so we're going onto benefits. So i got a QQ loan in late 2008 (about beginning of nov) and then i lost me job. For four years i got no physical or electronic letters saying that i had defaulted and it was sold to Gothia, and yet Gothia were chasing me for this money. I ignored them. On 24/10/12 i got an email telling me it would be sold to Mercantile Recovery Solutions. I recieved an email on 5/11/12 from MRS, saying "We write to notify you that the above mentioned account has been
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