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  1. Blobby, did you get a letter from hsbc (mcs) saying they had sold the debt to Hillsden (DCL).? If so, you are wasting your time and money still paying hsbc (mcs). I got a hsbc letter (enclosed with the initial Hillsden letter) saying that the debt had been sold and that any payments to hsbc (mcs) would be forwarded to Hillsden (DCL). I wil not pay Hilsden (DCL) until they come up with the CCA - therefore I've stopped the payments to hsbc (mcs).
  2. Hi Blobby Just got an identical letter to yours. What a joke! "3. If we are unable to forward a copy of the original agreement, we will be able to supply a true copy of the document which will comply with section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974." Firstly, why bother trying to find one thing - "a copy of the original agreement" when they then say they are able to supply "a true copy of the document which will comply with section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974"? That just doesn't make sense. DO IT NOW THEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN. Let me know if you hear anything more. I'll do the same. Cheers, Denver
  3. Hi Blobby, Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I am only sending off my CCA request today. Re; the letter they sent you (above) - just sit tight. They can do f... all until they provide that signed credit agreement. Number 3. in their letter sounds dodgy. I'm sure someone on here will have info about what that means and whether it's acceptable (I doubt it). Just wait for them to respond.
  4. Hi Blobby I'm in almost the exact position to you. Similar amount owing. Was paying to MCS. Today got letter from DLC saying Hillesden have bought the debt. The letter says "Hillesden trading as DLC" (so Hillesden is DLC and vice versa). The DLC letter is quite aggresive eg "we will start reporting against your credit file within 30 days", "failue to respond will result in legal action" etc. I intend to continue to pay the same amount as I did with MCS. I will fill in the form they sent (minus phone details, email, homeowner etc) telling them this. But only after they have complied with a CCA and SAR request. Until they do I will put the payments to one side.
  5. Prob never a good idea to address a judge as Sir if it's a woman. Tut tut 42MAN. It's not the 70's. Great to see this Set Aside has worked out. Well done.
  6. Hi Lapos Just come accross your thread. I had a SD sent to me by a DCA. I went through the process to get it Set Aside. I've recently been to court for the SD hearing. The DCA didn't turn up. It was set aside. Don't take Connaught's word for it. Go to court to be sure. Also don't forget to ask for costs. I was awarded £50.
  7. Hi, I don't want to take over this thread so can any knowledgable types please check my new thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/133908-statutory-demand-advice-please.html Thanks
  8. I have an old credit card debt for under £1,000. The DCA that bought the debt from the CC company have chased it for years but I'm certain about a third of it is made up of charges. The DCA(1) got another DCA(2) to chase it and I requested a CCA (registered post) from them(DCA2). They didn't reply and eventually DCA1 were back harrassing me. I sent a CCA request to DCA1 (not registered unfortunately) and they didn't respond. Now they have sent me a Statutory Demand by 2nd class post. I have sent another CCA request (registered with £1 payment). I know that the chances of them going through with a bankruptcy petition are slim but I want to cover myself and get the SD set aside. So these are my questions: 1. What should I put down as my reason to get the SD set aside? 2. If it doesn't get set aside and they went ahead with the petition what would my options be? Thanks
  9. Hello Carl, I'm in a very similar situation as you, just a few days behind you. I have a credit card debt of well under £1000 inc charges and a DCA have, after a long chase, sent me a SD. I have followed the advice on here and sent them a CCA request. I just hope I get the same result as you. I'll be interested to see what responses you get about whether to continue to get the SD set aside. I guess you don't have to bother if you have it in writing that they have closed the file (as long as the SD was from Connaught and not 1st Credit). Good luck
  10. I'm in a similar situation with AIC. I requested a CCA months ago. They've totally ignored it. The debt is to Black Horse. While I understand that Black Horse need to supply the CCA it is obviously up to AIC to get it from them (pass on my letter maybe) since AIC are acting as Black Horses agents. Since they haven't done this (or Black Horse have failed to find it) then AIC are acting illegally by continuing to chase me (and telephone harrass me on a daily basis even though I've written to them demanding all communication in writing). I have now got Trading Standards involved. They seem to be building a big file on these t...ts. I suggest you do the same. You can get onto your local Trading Standards through your council. Don't forget - this is nothing to do with what you owe, it's to do with AIC acting illegally in harrassing and demanding money from you. Go on, do it. Oh, another thing... don't ever speak to AIC on the 'phone - put it down. Don't get on to RBS - their agents are AIC.
  11. Mr TS Bloke came over and I showed him all my letters, signed for slips, their letters and a typed out list of all harrassing 'phone calls and times. He's getting in touch with the TS in Glasgow because he's certain there are loads of complaints about this lot. There are some other things he said that I can't put on here because it might get in the way of what he plans to do. Just got to sit tight now. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Thanks Dave, A bloke from Trading Standards is coming round tomorrow to see all my documentation. Denver
  13. I had Black Horse trying to get £1,500 from me. Sudenly it was being demanded by a DCA called MacKenzie Hall. I sent a CCA request (recorded and signed for) and they ignored it. A few weeks later Allied were chasing it. Again I sent a CCA request (recorded and signed for). They ignored it and continually pester me with threatening letters and phone calls. I sent a harrassment letter demanding letter contact only (recorded and signed for). They have ignored it. The legal time limits for the CCA are long past. They are breaking the law of a couple of fronts. 3 weeks ago I sent a final "desist" letter along with a request for a copy of their complaints procedure (recorded and signed for) by law they must have one . No answer, just more letters and 'phone calls (which, of course, I don't answer when I see their number). I have now contacted Trading Standards (via my local council). A chap is coming to see me and all my documentation and action will be taken against them. Apparently they will almost automatically get fined at least £400 just because Trading Standards are getting involved. The final amount will be considerably more due to their attitude to laws that govern their practice. Don't speak tp them. Send a CCA request and a "stop telephoning" letter - both on this site. Let them mess up, then get Trading Standards involved and watch them get prosecuted. The more people that do this, the sooner they'll be forced out of business.
  14. Hi everyone Some help please. I have an old Black Horse account. McKenzie Hall started chasing it (no mention about assignment etc) so I sent a CCA request (recorded delivery and signed for) and they stopped. 2 months later Allied International started chasing it. I sent a CCA request (recorded delivery and signed for) and they have continued to harrass me on the phone. I sent the standard "cease all 'phone calls" harrassment letter (recorded delivery and signed for) and they have continued to 'phone me (I see the number and cancel the call). The Allied CCA request was signed for at the end of April (so now it's criminal) and the harrassment letter at the end of May and STILL they're 'phoning me and sending letters (the last one today threatening a home visit). What can I do? Is there a legal letter I can send? Should I call the police?
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