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  1. Update. So Nemo have rejected all my claims to re construct the loan and have now started repossession proceedings with the court. i have a complaint with the FOS pending. Could i ask the court to adjourn the case until the FOS has concluded their investigation - as this could have a massive effect on the amount owed and monthly repayments?
  2. thanks Citizen I agree, but they have made massive amounts of charges and interest is still being charged on the PPI going forward. I now owe them £90k on a loan of £60k after 6 years of payment. Surely i can get them to wipe of the charges and interest on PPI going forward. Also the arrears are as a result of PPI not being valid is there not a case here for the Ombudsman?
  3. Hi guys i dont want to appear ungrateful but i am more interested in whether there is a case for reducing what they think i owe them due to PPI mis selling even though they claim it wasn't them that sold it. i know i am going to have to make payments to them but i feel that the PPI should have picked up the payments in 2008 when i lost my job and this has caused the debt to escalate. They have refused to write off charges and interest will the ombudsman rule in my favour?
  4. i have statements covering a lot of the loan term and can request the rest.
  5. Hi guys thanks for your interest. I totally want to keep the house, i cannot make the £700 plus per month they are asking for but i could make £650 at a push. when the loan was taken out it was £60k plus the £11k PPI. Initially payments were about £450 but they also now claim i owe them in excess of £90k is there no grounds to get the interest and charges wiped out from 2008 to date due to the PPI not being fit for purpose? also they are saying they weren't the broker but i never dealt with anyone but nemo.
  6. hi guys is that enough info, do let me know if you require any more
  7. Thanks guys for your help with this. I have tried to lay this out in time order. secured loan loan was taken out in June 2006 original agreement attached agreement.pdf Payments up to date until around june 2008 when a few payments here and there were late. lost job in september 2008 but continued to make payments as they hassled endlessley. some of these were late but generally kept up through to 2010 continually complained about PPI complaint rejected by Ombudsman due to time since last response - lesson learned no refund of half PPI funds due to late payments. payday loans and ccards used to make payments - lesson really learnt! i gained employment in oct 2010 but commission based so couldnt afford repayments plus main mortgage. paid token amounts. Main mortgage had arrears but no real issue they were helpful money has been paid on time for two years under suspended money order contracted payment plus contrib to arrears. made no payments from june(ish) 2011 nemo issued repossession proceedings in dec 2011. i contacted them to say that i had no way to pay them unless i sold the house, i marketed my house from dec 2011 to Jan 2013 nemo said they would call off the court proceedings - they didn't, they simply didn't turn up and i have an order for the claim to be struck out. i claimed with the FSCS against Norton/fintel as nemo said they were my broker - i had no dealings with fintel and all documentation is nemo branded. after 2 years of marketing the house (and stress) i sent an update to nemo - attached nemoplea.pdf Jan 2013 FSCS found in my favour attached FSCS.pdf i wrote to nemo again attached nemredress.pdf asking them to sort out the loan. i still believe that they sold the ppi not fintel -never heard of them. i have a SAR and they claim there are no recordings of the conversations. i have started a complaint with the ombudsman as they have rejected my requests on 11/2/13 (3 days after my complaint, so they obviously thought long and hard) they have started legal with attached letter from solicitors - repossession.pdf which was accompanied with loads of photocpied handouts about homelessness etc. most of the returned PPI payments have gone towards 3 years of council tax as i was being threatened with prison. the rest has reduced arears on main mortgage i hope that gives you the picture, the letters explain my position in more detail, i am happy to give house price figures via pm if required but the upshot is that current price does not give equity to clear nemo loan. just for clarity i am not looking to escape the loan just get it redressed so that the monthly payments are affordable they are currently wanting £18k arears and a monthly payment in excess of £700 against a total balance of £91k ???? i cannot see a way out of this, i have not a lot to offer them
  8. Thanks guys, i will scan all the relevant info this evening. I will also answer all the questions in full.
  9. Hi there, i have actually used most of the arrears to pay the council tax so i didn't go to prison, also some arrears on the main mortgage. They are now claiming £91k when i only borrowed 60 + PPI of 11. The fact that the PPI didnt pay out is what caused the financial hardship and arrears in the first place. i have complained to them but they rejected everything within a week and sent a solicitors letter. i can send you a copy of my letter to them if you want?
  10. in addition, although i didn't knowingly deal with anyone else the claim a third party sold the ppi so its not their fault. i am lodging a complaint with the ombudsman will they be able to repossess my house? the main lender is ok
  11. Ok so now i have nothing to lose. the sharks involved here are Nemo Personal Finance. they have just sent me a letter for repossession claiming arrears of near enough the exact amount awarded by the FSCS
  12. many thanks. ill get on with that! it is a nice place to be for a change. i will tell the whole story about these bandits once ive concluded with them. cheers
  13. ims21 many thanks for your reply. i fully intend to name and shame but not until i have concluded my business with them - my house is on the line here. so to be clear initial sum loaned was 60k with 11k ppi added. i am going to ask them to restructure the loan as if i only borrowed 60k. i am also going to ask them to write off any interest and charges relating to arrears etc as the ppi didnt pay out and caused the problem in the first place. am i correct in doing this? thanks
  14. hi the loan is still active and in arrears i don't want to be obstructive but i don't want to name the company as they are known to read posts here. i am going to ask them to re structure the loan, am i able to ask them to remove the ppi element?
  15. (Thought i had posted this but it didn't show) Hi everyone, i have just had a nice big cheque from the FSCS for mis sold PPI plus interest - it is only 90% of the claim but it is a nice place to be after all these years. My question is - Do i still owe the loan company for PPI now it has been declared mis sold? i will be asking them to redress the loan but can i expect them to remove the PPI from it? any advice very much appreciated cheers
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