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  1. I have all the receipts and have payed over £700 for the goods upto now, no dout there gonna be back trying to bully me hahaha Thats why i'm gonna video them and shame them here. I know they have NO powers of access to my property no matter what there bits of paper and swearing collectors say Thx Richie
  2. Hi i have taken out a purchase agreement with perfect homes / Temple Finance and have been paying £25 a week EVERY week since june 2012 for 2 sofas. i have been very unwell and missed 3 weeks payments, 1st note through the door on the 1st week i missed. But i have just had a visit from someone from perfect homes at my door requesting goods or payment. I tried to get the rest of the remaining balance from the store but they couldn't tell me "i had to write to the head office" So i dont know how much is left! i told the lady at the door i had requested this info and cant afford to pay the weekly rate, she started by calling me childish, and said she can get police presence, and they can enter anyway to collect. i told her too and i'll film it she said, and i quote "f*cking go ahead" and laughed. So i gave her a letter saying i remove all rights of access to my property from anyone from perfect homes or temple finance under common law. So she walked away sat in her van on her phone and started to point at me laughing hmmmmm From this point I will VIDEO everything being said at my door from these loons and post it on youtube, no dout it should make for some good viewing when i confront them with the law and challenge them on any bullying tactics and false statements. ANY questions ppl need asking while i'm filming? as i know many people have troubles with them. Watch this space Richie EDIT LETTER I GAVE TO THE LADY
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