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  1. I joined this forum as I understood that its purpose was to help members with asserting their consumer rights. If a parking bay is incorrectly signed, does the motorist have the right to use it? That was the point of my starting this thread. Parking Mad looks quite interesting, but I am unlikely to go further than an appeal to the parking adjudicators.
  2. Michael, that's a very interesting read. Much thanks. Am I also right in believing that separated rather than continuous bays should be delineated by a set of double white lines at each end, or is this only a London requirement?
  3. Good point. I would be interested to know if anyone has taken a similar case to a parking tribunal and the outcome.
  4. My fear is that they will say the sign on the other side of the road is sufficient.
  5. I have received no PCN for this location. I would like to use the parking space until a sign goes up on the bay, assuming I will have a suitable challenge in the possible event that I will receive one.
  6. Thank you, Michael and crem, I was hoping this might be the case. renegadeimp, I would be grateful for any additional view before I go into battle.
  7. I am unobservant. Grateful for any conclusions on the unsigned parking spaces.
  8. I'll go and take a look now and see what they say. I am not, of course questioning whether these spaces are within a CPZ.
  9. Apologies for accidental double posting when I went into 'Go Advanced' mode
  10. I have now checked the main entry points into St Albans and there appear to be no signs indicating a CPZ although it does exists. The only signs are at each parking bay -- except the one I have been writing about. Here are five photographs showing the signless bay -- with blue MG parked in one of the two spaces - and the sign on the other side of the road where a parking bay used to be. The sign restricts unpermitted parking to between 8pm and 8.30 Mon-Fri. A hundred or so yards away the restriction is to prevent parking for two hours from 10.30am. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41029[/ATTACH][ATTAC
  11. I have now checked all routes into the CPZ and there are no signs at any of the entry points. The only signs are those in each parking bay. I have attached some photographs to show the signless bay and the sign on the other side of the road. The signs restricts unpermitted parking to between 8pm and 8.30am. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41024[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41026[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41025[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41027[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41028[/ATTACH]
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