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  1. My ex Landlords and I have been come to a settlement agreement to avoid going to is a big weight off my shoulders. It was less than I initially asked for but am happy to leave the stress behind. I’ve also made a small donation towards the running of this platform. Thanks to envy/everyone who gave me some help and advice on this matter.
  2. @ BANK FODDER. Thanks, I am waiting to hear back from my former landlord and any offer of settlement before proceeding to the court; 90% likely.
  3. Hello Everyone, I hope someone on here can help me with filling the right court forms or recommend someone that can help me out so I don’t mess it up. My ex landlord refused to give me back my deposit when I moved out of his property early 2018 nor did he secure it in the government deposit scheme for the first 6 years of my rental. The flat had a recurrent damp problem that didn’t get fixed professionally and other issues that made living the very difficult for me due to chronic health problems. So I kept records for months especially over the damp wall because of complications with my lungs. I checked the small claims website and sent a pre suit letter to my ex landlord in October 2018. His lawyers wrote back to me with them lying that I caused the damp accompanied by a very low offer to settle which I turned down. I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Mary Ward Legal Centre for assistance to fill my forms and they were useless. The CAB sent me to the Mary Ward legal centre, where they told me it’s a money claim even though it’s under £10k and advised me to go and see one of the 5 no win no fees lawyers whose details they printed for me. I rang 2 of those lawyers and they wanted me to pay £1000 retainers plus £100s per hour. This situation is dragging on and I’m really desperate. I’m on ESA the amount amount I ‘m suing for is £6469 1. Is this a money claim or small claim 2. Will I qualify for help with payment if on ESA/ PIP 3. When I fill form do I send court evidence along or take them to court Thanks for your help in advance
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to update you on what I've been up to. I've sent Natwest a letter asking for a detailed breakdown of how they arrived at the £614 offer and also applied for SAR. Both letters were sent recorded do they can't claim they never got them. Now to wait for their response.
  5. No worries IMS21, have a lovely evening.
  6. I'm a not too dainty damsel in distress:-)
  7. Okay, guess I'll just have to wait for the SAR. In the meantime I'm writing 2 letters to RBS, asking for a detailed breakdown of how they arrived at their offer figure and to explain why on the phone to tell me there was PPI attached to my overdraft and in saying the opposite in their letter.
  8. Thanks will wait for the SARS, If I can get more money that's worth fighting for. I was just wondering, what sort of amount would one expect get back on a £3000 loan from 1996 that was paid back in 3 years?
  9. Thanks for the advice, I did think my desperation was colouring my thinking, what you said makes a whole load of sense. Will write the letter and and pay for the SAR next week. Out of curiosity, how long on average does it take for the report to come through?.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new on here and would really appreciate some help and advice on claiming back some PPI from Natwest/RBS. I phoned Natwest's PPI number 8 weeks ago to check if any of my old accounts with them had PPI attached to it. I was told that one of the accounts which was closed down in 2005 had PPI attached to the overdraft and a 2nd account had PPI on a £3000 loan in 1995/1996. I got a letter from them that the accounts are being investigated and that they'll get back to me by 8weeks. Yesterday, 7.5 weeks after I put in my claim I received a letter from Natwest saying they've investigated and there was no PPI attached to the overdraft account. I found this strange since that's not what I was told on the phone whem I first contacted them. I decided to ring them back yesterday and the lady I spoke to said there was PPI showing on it, that the reason why the investigation says there was no PPI on it is because it was cancelled. Now I'm confused, if it was cancelled surely their system should say that! How can there be two conflicting information on one account? I also asked the lady recheck the loan account and this time she said there was two loans for £3000, one in 1995 and the other in 1996. They only ever told me of one loan before. So this is waht I think, they either don't know what they're doing or they are trying everything to avoid refunding the PPI they charged me. Well this morning I get another letter from Natwest offering me £614 for PP1 paid on the loan account(singular reference). I was actually expecting a higher figure since the loans go back 18 years. I don't have any old records or statements for the 2 accounts I'm claining on so I have no documents to proof yea or nay. So here are my questions : Should I turn down the £614 offer, I think its rather low for 18yrs of them keeping my money or am I being too greedy? I'm no good with numbers so don't know what they should be paying. Should I wait to clarify if PPI was applied to one or two £3000 loans in 1995 and 1996? If I accept the £614 can I still have them investigate the 2 separate loans. Should I just for the SAR, I'm on jobseekers at the moment and won't have the £10 for the SAR application till next week. I'm worried about how long the whole thing will take if I go this route, I'm so broke right now. Should I contact the Ombudsman regarding the conflicting info on the overdraft account? I'm so sorry that this has turned out to be a right novel, just didn't know how else to explain things so that you'll get my point. I'll really appreciate your assistance thanks in advance.
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