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  1. No......in my drunken stuper i still managed to activate and call about 1000 people talking nonsense!..........luckily i managed to repack it as new minus the sellotape that holds the box shut!
  2. Good news guys!! I managed to get it cancelled on the grounds that i could not fully appreciate the nature of the details of the contract as i was so intoxicated. I went into my own provider (Three), and they confirmed that id been in there that day and they had refused to serve me so I used this knowledge against Phones4Poo! So im back on my contract with 3 thank god.......truly unlimited data, no catches, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, £35.00.....plus i can set a cap so i always know what my bill will be and dont have to keep checking on what im using. Forget Orange and the rest of them, I only had that contract a week and managed to rack up a £200 bill on top of my contract because i didnt know there was no credit limit and you cant even set one......what a [problem]. That contract was £40, 900 mins, 500 texts, 1 GB Data.......yeh, right!!! Good job im kinda persuasive when i need to be too, you have to stand up to these money grabbing con artists!
  3. Ah no worries.......i was wasted!!......how they thought I could understand that contract is beyond me!
  4. I dont understand that last comment, whats D&D?
  5. Thank you for all your advice....i guess its pot luck what will happen tomorrow
  6. with the greatest respect, thats my business, but its been sat in the box all that time........lets just say that tomorrow if the first day I can get back to the shop
  7. I couldnt even sign my name so i was clearly drunk for sure. I would have thought the contract wouldn't stand up well in a court if the store didn't check this against my credit card. Plus as ive stated, the reception in my home is unusable, it clearly states on the Phones4u paperwork that I have a right to cancel if this is the case. I need out of this contract big time, ive just been made redundant!
  8. It says on their paperwork that it can only be cancelled if you have signal issues, even then the operator (Orange) has to agree.
  9. Hi all, I went into this shop on my way home and i need to point out that i was very very drunk (one of those days!) Anyway, i got roped into a contract, i cant even remember what happened really, even the signature on the contract is nothing like my signature!!!... To top it all off the phone reception in my house is terrible. I only "signed" for this thing on the 17th......what chances do you think ill having of getting out the contract?? There is still as new and I have all the accessories
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