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  1. Gallahad;4107402]Thank you Ford for that explanation. The problem I have is because the POC is not clear, I have had only one account with M&S which has been in dispute since 2009, and as such should not have been sold on. Without sight of the documents I cannot be sure this is the account I am defending. G Request a CCA (copy credit agreement) and a statement of the account, with a £1 ceque/P.O made payable to sigma. Until supplied the debt is un-enforceable. However if you believe this may be an account you've been disputing, and you want a quick response, call them with the account number (from witheld phone if you dont want a call back) If they then ask for security details- they have your account. They might have more information for you too. Also remember- if they have been sold debt falsely (ie. allready in dispute prior to purchase) they will need to prove this to "put back" to the seller and get their money back, so you will find them willing to help you. (provided you have proof) this is what I did.. ended up paying £30 INSTEAD OF £120 claimed and got default updated, with a note.added to explain had been in dispute. Yes it was a lot of work and effort, but worth it for sure... got a nice new cheap (for h.p) car now lol!
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