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  1. Thanks for your replies SNALF, I really appreciate it. So to confirm, because I didn't receive a caution, the incident will *not* show up on either a basic, standard or enhanced CRB? I will be going down to the police station in about 2 weeks as I'm working away from home as of tomorrow Also, what happens if the police noted "no further action" on the incident - but I wasn't arrested, cautioned or fine. I would just hate my prospective employer to see that I was "drunk as a skunk" causing havoc as I'm a completely different person now. Thanks
  2. There was no caution or anything. The incident was apparently logged for precaution reasons as I did have to go to hospital. With regards to this subject access form, does it matter what police station I go to? Both incidents happened in the same county, so will it matter what station I attend as long as they're 'governed' under the same county?
  3. After speaking to a family member I realized that the police did actually log the second incident but took no further action - apparently they did it as a precaution in case I had serious injuries. This means I'm obviously filed on the PNC somewhere today. The enhanced CRB will show "relevant" information on local police records under the Constable(s) discretion. I assume I'll have to declare the incident then? (Let's be honest, it doesn't sound great: a drunk youth messing around ) What do you think I should say? I was drunk once and was taken to hospital? As there is no offence I've ev
  4. Thanks for your replies guys, it's very helpful. As this happened many years ago my memory is very sketchy, however, I remember contacting the police shortly after the second incident happened to inquiry about the incident (I wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen). The operator said that nothing had been logged on their system about any incident involving my name, address or the car's registration number. From what I remembered the person on the other line said if no party was injured then it wasn't a police matter and if they were intent on arresting me for say D+D or a public offen
  5. I don't think I'll inform them as I was never under arrest or given a fine at either incident. Is this the right thing to do ?
  6. Thanks for your reply. Would it be correct to assume that I am on some local police database for these "involvements" with the police. e.g, 1) Taken home because too drunk and 2) Arrived at scene. Was taken to hospital for checks and was intoxicated (seen running on the road) Could the Constable mention any of this? Or would they only mention cautions, spent convictions, etc? I apologize for all these questions but I get worried over everything
  7. Hi folks. Back in my teens, I was taken home for being too drunk - no caution, warning, arrest or fine followed. On another occasion, I was taken to the hospital after being run over (which was partially my fault because I was running around in the road, and yes I was drunk). There were no injuries (thankfully) and therefore the police didn't do anything; they just told me off for being an idiot. I've never had DNA, photos or fingerprints taken at a police station, if this helps. I sound like a complete idiot - I apologize. I use to hang around in the wrong crowd and drink way too much al
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