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  1. Hi all thanks for all the answers to the previous questions i have another,just rang the DWP to find out when my arrears will be paid to me as it has been 5 weeks now and they said they got all the information and it has been refered now not sure what that means hope they dont say im not getting my arrears payment,would this be possable as my appeal is from november 10th 2011 i dont understand whats going on with the DWP can anyone help please..
  2. i had the letter of the appeal office to say that my appeal will lapse so the letter i had today of the tribunal service is nothing to worry about and that my back moneys wont be affected is that correct thanks for the reply
  3. thanks for that i was startimg to get worried about it as i thought they would stop my back payment as i greatly need it so thats a weight of my shoulders now thanks for replying.
  4. Hi all im new on here and im a bit confused to the letter i recieved today first off i had a letter of the appeal decision makers on the 4th of january say that they have had my appeal go in favour of myself so i thought yippeee i won put everything into dwp for backdated payments that was 4 weeks ago, then today i had a letter of the tribunal saying that my appeal has been STRUCK OUT which i have no sense off and dont know what it means. So hoping that this doesnt effect my back payment so is there anyone who could help me as im so confused and worried now
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