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  1. I haven't.. it's written it on paper.. I need to check it again but I honestly don't know what I'm doing
  2. Hello, They have sent me my SAR... I think i have worked out what they owe me £1885.85, that is PPI and penalty charges (£12 for a phone call from them!!!) What do i do now? i'm very anxious about it now.. Jojo
  3. No, I have no statements I'm completely lost with all of this to be honest. Thank you for replying
  4. Despite the fact i'm having issues with the PPI on very and littlewoods (same company) - they really are good with payment plans. Phone them, cry if you must (or ask your wife, sob like a baby haha) , and ask them to freeze it and let you pay little and often. They have let me do it twice as i have got into difficulties before
  5. I posted a few weeks back and never got a response from anyone Anyway - Littlewoods said no to a refund on PPI, after i complained, and told me to visit the ombudsmen... I don't know what to do. Help, please?
  6. Hi everyone, i'm new here! I have a few issues with Littlewoods and Very, i was wondering if you could all help? Firstly - i am on income support, and got myself into a state with littlewoods before christmas (with 3 children, and small income, it was bound to happen) anyway, they phoned me at 8am every morning until i finally caved in and answered - i shouted the odds at them as they phone at ungodly hours and they KNOW i am on IS and i have tried and tried to keep on top of things - they wanted £580, which i have tried paying to the best of my ability - anyway they told me to
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