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  1. I value all your opinions, that's why i am on here, to get help but i'm sorry i don't understand 'cash cowed'?
  2. Just to be clear, I e-mailed the DCA offering to pay the amount of the debt that I actually owed in F&F settlement, they wrote back saying that they would have to take advice from their clients, that took 4 weeks, they came back saying that their clients would accept 85% of the total debt, I wrote back saying that was too much and re-iterated that I only actually owed them nearly 40% of the total they sent me and offered this again, they have now written back and offered to settle for 60% in full and final settlement, no more correspondence blah blah will take you to court! I can't go to
  3. No, I acknowledged part of the debt as I do owe part of the debt, although it was their mistake from the beginning as the overpayment was down to their error, even after querying it they told me that I had been paid correctly. It is definitely not statute barred. I thought that they had recovered the true overpayment from the last payment of maternity pay but wasn't until a year later when they sent me a breakdown that i realised they hadn't. I have e-mailed pay services again to find out if they know anything about this reduced payment amount, am waiting to hear back from them now.
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?379947-Debt-due-to-overpayment-of-contractual-maternity-pay&p=4388930#post4388930 This is the whole story, so long to go into They sent the debt to a collection agency as I refused to pay a debt that i didnt agree with. I am out of the country and couldnt get to court, but i am moving back and dont want a debt over me, I wrote to them and offered F&F and after a couple of e-mails back and forth they came up with a figure from their 'clients' saying that they were willing to compromise and accept this
  5. I've tried contacting the original creditor and they wont respond other than to tell me it has been passed to XXXXXXX, I am fed up fighting them and am prepared to pay what they have stated, I just want to know how the letter from them should be worded so that they can't come chase me in future for any more? Why should I not pay the DCA, I don't understand?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm just not very trusting with these people and wanted to know even though they have stated that the payment , if made by me, would be in full and final payment of the 'debt' could they chase the rest in future because of the wording of their e-mail? They even addressed the letter that they also sent, to an old address, despite my true address being on the last letter from them and them e-mailing me recognizing my new address! So distrusting these days
  7. Hi, I don't know if I am just being cynical but I have been dealing with a DCA over an alleged wages overpayment debt from 2007, I wrote to them and made a F&F offer, they refused it, I wrote again upping the offer to the maximum I could afford and they wrote back telling me what they would settle at, after speaking to my hubby he has agreed to pay this off, my problem is that they sent their e-mail (this is how we have been corresponding) with the words Without Prejudice at the top, does this mean that they can still chase the rest of the 'd
  8. Well long time and no hear from work! In the mean time I have been made redundant from my job whilst on a career break and officially finished on the 31st Oct. Today I received another e-mail from the pay office saying that as I have finished work without returning they want my address so that they can chase me for the 'debt' that they are still saying that I owe them. As I have finished work can I still put in an official grievance about this as it started by them apparently giving me wrong information about the maternity pay, then again when I questioned them, not once but twice? I know
  9. No, no, I have never acknowledged the debt from Maternity pay, only the 13 days from the first month that I took unpaid leave, I have told them that I have no problems paying that back, but out of the 25 days leave that they owed me. They were the ones in their e-mail that informed me of their intention to send it to their solicitors if I didn't send them a paymemt plan and that if they did that then it would cost ME money, I asked them how it would cost me money for them to instruct their solicitors? I got no answer to my last question though. All I put was that I was due back at work thi
  10. Thankyou, I sent an e-mail to our pay department after receiving a threatening one from them telling me that if I didn't fill in their paymemt forms then it would 'cost me' in solicitors fees! I informed them that they were being ridiculous threatening me, if they had found a way of getting blood out of a stone then by all means let me know, other than that, leave me alone until I returned to work. It seemed to have done the trick and they are now waiting until they hear from my workplace with a new starting date, then they will deduct straight from wages (at a guess), then I can put in my g
  11. Well, the latest, haven't heard about the voluntary redundancies yet and today received an e-mail saying that if I don't arrange a payment plan they are going to instruct their solicitors, which according to them is going to cost ME money? I don't know where they expect me to get the money from that they want, the original 'overpayment' was spent nearly 6 years ago and I haven't earnt a penny since then due to the career break. I have contacted my Line manager to ask about the grievance procedure as this is going to get messy I guess. Sara
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice, I have just received a copy of my career break letter/contract and it's not counted as a resignation, it states that I will return on the same contract as when I left and in the same position, if this is not available then one equal to my position. This clause is, I think why they are hoping that I don't return as whilst I have been on the career break they have had a huge shake up and changed many jobs/contracts/hours worked etc. I was emailed by a friend that works there yesterday and it appears that my line manager should have sent me the new application f
  13. I've got all the policies in place, one came out after I'd left on Maternity leave and it was never sent on to me. It states on there that their policy is 26 weeks full pay, followed by 13 weeks SMP, not what was stated on my letter at all! I have disputed their claim, stating that even back in 2009, this issue was raised twice and twice I was told that I was paid correctly, today I got their answer back saying that although they were very sorry that I was obviously misled, it's tough and I still have to pay the money back, despite the fact that I have not worked for 5 years due to the c
  14. Thankyou for the advice about requesting the paperwork on career breaks, I have asked for this but because of the nature of my work it is hard to get paperwork sent to me, I have e-mailed the boss of my Head of Personnel but am still waiting for a reply, I am just overwhelmed that our Head of Personnel can get something that she has to put in writing so wrong and that I am being made to suffer now for it, so long after this happened. Yes I could be opening a can of worms but what else can I do? I did think about writing to the pay services offering to pay in installments the 13 days that I D
  15. Lol, I'm not angry at you, you asked questions I answered, I thought you were trying to be of some help, but all you have said so far is that you don't think they are asking for enough back, I've re-read all of your posts and don't see how you have given any advice other than to get a specialist lawyer? I came across this forum and wondered if anyone else had been in the same boat and could offer a solution other than eventually going to either tribunal or court, if no-one has been in that situation then fair enough, I will have to search elsewhere and if I have no luck searching the internet
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