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  1. Hi There, After a couple of years of hell with both my OH & I taking out numerous PDL's I've realised its time to take on these bully boys and sort out our finances. Is there a set template to send them in terms of repayment plan, 1 month insurance etc. I'm currently going through our credit reports to get all the info together. A prime example of what I'm up against is this: 247Moneybox - Defaulted 16/11/12 with a balance of £115. Just logged on to see about payments etc and amount outstanding is £524!!!!!!!! I will be clearing all these asap. TIA
  2. So, the latest. According to the revenues dept of my local council they have nothing to do with Equita. The bailiff merely acts on their behalf. Any issue I have in terms of information I require has to go through Equita head office (who won't provide what I am asking for)!!!! Head & brick wall sping to mind!!!
  3. No levy on any goods or vehicles has happened. This is my point. The fees are falsified to boost what is owed. I have asked for dates of attendance and they can't provide dates or itinerary of goods as it has happened!!!!
  4. So, once again I asked Equita to provide me with dates of when the visits occured etc. They sent through the same figures but with a note at the bottom stating Debt: £1213.67 Stat Visit Fees £42.50 levy Fee: £59.00 Attendance Charges: £167.00 Card Payment Fee: £4.50 Total: £1486.67 Paid: £304.50 Balance: £1182.17 'There have been numerous visits made by our external team in the attempted collection of the debt. On each occasion where no contact has been established, a letter would have been left.' Well there won't be any contact established as I refuse to open the dorr or answer the phone to them!!!!!!!! There are still £226 worth of fees they shouldn't be charging. I believe the outstanding balance should be £956.17 minus what I have paid to the council so far. Can I now go to the council and ask them to pull the file back seeing as their bailiff company have added unlawful charges. Also Equita decided to completely ignore my request for info relating to the previouscase file they had. I assume they realise they're in the wrong and that I'm going to be claiming back charges from that as well.
  5. Also, I've been through this once before a few years ago but just paid the bailiff straight off. Can I claim back charges that would be incorrect. They will no doubt have added more than they should of to the original LO.
  6. As promised the figures are as follows: Debt: £1213.67 Stat Visit Fees £42.50 Levy Fee: £59.00 Attendance Charges: £167.00 Card Payment Fee: £4.50 Total: £1486.67 Paid: £304.50 Balance: £1182.17 Since then I have paid about £100 direct to the council and no more to the bailiff. I shall continue making payments to the council. In the meantime how do I go about contesting these fees and ensuring the bailiffs pay the correct amount to the council. I assume they can only really charge me £42.50 as they certainly haven't levied anything.
  7. Hi Tom Tubby, I have this info at home and will post up later. Update at the moment. Equita have assigned a different bailiff to try and collect the funds now, they popped a letter through the door on Tues!!!!! I'll continue paying the council as I have been these past few weeks and hope the bailiff gives up soon
  8. Also, said bailiff is certifed to work for GLBC but is working for Equita, is this allowed
  9. Ok, so quick update. I was due to pay the bailiff the full outstanding amount on 8th March. Naturally I didn't do this. On Fri I had a call from them (well actually it was from a woman who said she was acting on behalf of the bailiff!!!!!!), told her to call back later as I was busy, she never did. Had another call from the bailiff today but ignored it. In the meantime I have been making payments to the council online. At what point do I approach the council asking them to take it back. How many weeks payments would show as a good payer. How long before the bailiff will get bored and go elsewhere
  10. So just a quick update. Im still awaiting the info from Equita, however have received info from council. Basically the amount outstanding hasn't changed since Sept when it was passed to Equita and yet I've made £300 in payments. Will be interesting to see where these payments have gone according to Equita!!!!!!! Will keep you informed
  11. I'm not sure, The letter says they've received a High Court Writ, but the person on the phone at Marston's was happy to discuss payment plan etc. Perhaps I've just got lucky. SEW said it was only sent to them in Dec '12
  12. Ok, So spoke to SEW today who informed me the debt had been passed to Marston's in Dec (could they have got a writ put through that quickly) and that I would have to deal with them direct. I decided to phone Marstons (and have recorded the call). I actually spoke to someone very helpful and understanding on the phone (yes a shock I know). Explained that I wanted to enter into a payment plan spreading the cost over 12months. They asked me to send through an I&E along with my proposal and the 1st months payment, which would then be passed to SEW to take a look at. They also informed me no further action would take place unless I missed my agreed payment next Fri. I know this site states you should never contact the bailiffs etc, but sometimes (and I think I've been pretty lucky), they can be a bit understanding and it also just works as a delay tactic whilst investigating other routes. I'm now about to embark on the paperwork for a variation & stay. Was feeling really down yesterday and almost suicidal but feel a lot better today. Have sat down and worked out have about £25k of debt but am really knuckling down to get this reduced as much as possible this year. This includes getting reductions in amount owed with PDL's etc I will never ever get in this situation again. Clean slate required and then rebuild my credit rating
  13. It was agreed with SEW. I know I should have sain. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we're now working as hard as we can to sort everything out, contacting DCA's negotiating affordable plans etc but it just seems that we sought one issue out and another comes along. The letter was hand delivered.
  14. Its sent via post quarterly. Not sure what it covers. I remember the ccj and set up a payment plan with SEW but when I lost my job for the 1st time in 2011 I stopped making payments and never started again. The first I heard about the writ was when the letter came through the doot from Marstons yesterday. Should I enter into a payment plan with Marstons or SEW in the 1st instance and then apply for Variation & Stay etc I'm more worried about this than dealing with Equita, Marston's seem to be the next level reading on here!!!!!!!
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