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  1. many thanks to all...and to folle....a very good friend xxx
  2. hi update rang them...im paying 30 a month untill iva is finished....sigh of relief...they were lovely ....xxc
  3. its just sooo worrying we pay six hundred iva payment per month which only leaves us 140 a week for food petrol clothes and saving for christmas...sounds a lot but school lunch for my daughter is 12 pound...a wk.. but once the iva is done i will up my payments.....i have heard they only will let you pay over a year...cant do that xxx
  4. we have an iva...so i can only afford forty pound a month....two yrs left....just so worried they will refuse ... the letter asked for payment by nov....its taken since jan to get to this point...blooming mess....thankyou for your help xx
  5. the exact the have asked for after all calculations is 2350 over payment there was no breakdown... dont know why the difference from january....will have to ask when i phone.. where they ok when you asked to pay over a period of time xx
  6. its been a while since my last post but please can anyone help...i have now recieved an overpayments letter asking for 2400 pounds...omg....how. long will they let me pay back ad husband is on an iva and we have little money now.....i would be grateful for any advice xxx
  7. im fine just recieved a letter from tax credit....so just sorting out my 2190 over payment....hoping to sort a payment plan.xxx
  8. hi dmm if you put in tax credit compliance check into search you will find me..... i was scared and felt so alone.....knowing there are people who wont judge you and are willing to share their experience for me was a lifeline...... although mine is was by far no way as complex as your situation... maybe our posts might give another person like you and i some much needed support to seek the right help........with the way the benefit system is changing we are only a few of the innocent caught up in a black or white system and we all know life is not that simple.....good luck with your
  9. hi bandit queen having been through an investigation myself..this forum helped me so much...as you must know it is a scarey experience...i felt alone and didnt even know where to start...knowing that others had been through it saved my sanity....throughout i was adviced to seek help through cab .. but what these legal representatives cannot give is the emotional support... i fully understand your points....and your intentions are truely unerstandable.. i hope you understand why i had to jump in sorry if i have annoyed anyone xxx
  10. just tell them like you have said...i know you are scared...i was when i was investigated by tc.....think positive you will get it sorted and come out of it stronger....even if you have to repay you can only give what you can afford....you are not alone there are lots of us who have been and are going through this....just be honest is the only advice i can give....keep your chin up.....thinking of you xxxx foolmum
  11. hi DMM sorry i cannot offer you advice but i can offer support...i understand the desparation....the guys on this site are fab and offer great advice.. gosh yours is a complex one..as you have only been claiming for six months they must take into account that swapping things over is not the first thing you think of when separating....children..finances and emotional distress are your first.... i wish you all the luck and any time you want to vent some anger we are here.xxx
  12. i was only ok because of all you kind people on this site....i lost nearly three stone and was a mess..but through your support i have nearly sorted it and now have my life back....i am no expert on these cases but i hope my experience can support others.....i did come out of it.....i did fight my case and through my honesty thank god it did show the truth...so a big thankyou to all of you....
  13. just read your thread....my heart goes out to you....having been through an investigation with the tax credits since jan i understand how you are feeling.... the support and advice i recieved on this forum saved my sanity....please try and stay calm....i know easier said than done....and just be honest...why should you make a joint claim.....you are single....just keep fighting.....xxxx
  14. hope you got on well today with the hmrc.....you deserve it xxxx
  15. well done wendy.....good luck.. thinking of you..what ever happened to innocent untill proven guilty....let us know how you get on xxx
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