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    Feb 1st,updated ,Guidance to work program providers .The DWP has instructed all work program providers to obtain written consent from participants ,to ensure they (providers ) comply with with the DATA PROTECTION ACT. ref:consent.me.uk .
  2. I meant don't consent to signing up to it in the first place,for the reasons above.If you look on consentme.uk it will give all the info you need to arm yourself.no pun intended.I'm on the workfare at INGEUS.They've been trying to induct me for 8 months.I won't consent to share anymore personal data than DWP & JS + Already hold about me.Check the site out it might just pay dividends.
  3. Withold consent for the sharing of your personal data on the grounds that you do not want to give up your data protection rights .DATAPROTECTION Act 1998.
  4. Its just a suggestion for dealing with dca 's.One I've used successfully on several occasions.
  5. In my experience if you if you tell the dca (ie:lowells ) that you would be happy to settle what they claim is owed,if they provide the original signed agreement as proof you owe this debt.They are stymied as the bank,credit card co.Whoever.sell on the original.When you sign an agreement you have created a promissory note worth the sum borrowed which the bank sell on and make even more profit off You.There are template letters you can use,written in legalese.That's my suggestion,don't be afraid especially of toothless wonders like lowells .
  6. Still finding my way around this forum re: replying,so if you have several blank boxes where replies should be,sorry about that.Cheers man for the info.I'll post any developments .Hopefully raise a smile and a glimmer of hope to our brothers and sisters who may be finding it all a bit of a struggle.Thanks again Brigadier .gragolfer out.
  7. Hi there ,sorry about the delay answering you,went out grocery shopping.No problem as such,I thought he might have a different address to the company address.As I said in my first post,I'd just prefer to address the person rather than the title.Especially after reading one of posts saying it annoyed him.He's picked up on a debt that either Wescot or credit solutions have tossed back.No details just the usual bs letter saying we know where you live get in touch asap.I'm not scared of these parasites ,I just like to annoy them and laugh.
  8. Can anyone please tell me how to get the address of Emanuel Amissha ? I would like to tell him in no uncertain terms what to do with his phishing expedition .I have dealt successfully with these vampires on more than one occasion ,but its less satisfying to address to "the ceo".Please help,thanks in anticipation guys. gragolfer ,new to the forum.
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