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  1. As previous posters already mentioned. Delete as quick as possible; as soon as management gets wind of it - and they will - you could be in deep trouble.
  2. Because you probably opened an account with Santander (e.g.: 123) that offers certain benefits but also requires a minimum amount to be paid monthly into your account. If you don't do that you occur charges and then most likely also unauthorized overdraft fees. Do the Direct Debits with Santander still exist? If yes, and you did not have sufficient funds when they were claimed in addition unpaid item fees. Sorry, but most accounts carry fees and charges and everybody should be clear about T&C's. You can try and sometimes they do as a goodwill gesture, but I suspect that due to the fact that this account is dormant and you are not really a customer that Santander will not waive these.
  3. This clearly indicates an error when another customer set up his telephone banking and text alerts. In other words: someone else will be wondering why they don't get any texts and calls. Not sure that the callers would be the right people to address this with. Either call Natwest or pop into a branch when you come past one.
  4. I guess that these are older (very old) debts? In that case I would inform them them that you are not aware of owing any money and request original signed documents proofing that you owe these monies. There are somewhere letter templates around for this subject. And do not enter into any other correspondence with them. Apart from that, I don't think there is a way of stopping them doing credit searches on you unless they are unable to provide the documentation requested.
  5. As previous poster said, your employer can't withhold your P45. Just given them 5 working days to submit and tell them that you will inform Inland Revenue if not received.
  6. Monarch's terms & conditions are very clear (please read from 3.24 onwards): http://www.monarch.co.uk/terms/flights/booking-conditions Following these you are only entitled to receive a refund for Tax, Charges and Fees. As also mentioned there Monarch can use discretion in some circumstances which would be entirely a good will gesture. Another idea would be to ask them if these flights could be rebooked to another destination where no vaccinations are required.
  7. I am not a salesperson but a service manager, so I can't really speak for a sales environment. However, every corporate company I worked for implemented PIP's following performance reviews or as and when an issue was identified. You then must be given the opportunity to improve within agreed time-scales and the company has to outline as well which support would be available to you to achieve objectives and targets. To address a performance issue with a disciplinary straight away is in my view completely out of order. What does your HR have to say to that? There should also be a performance policy in place. And finally, if they give the impression that this has been discussed before, I would ask for (in such cases mandatory) documentation. P.S.: Good read http://humanresources.about.com/od/performancemanagement/a/PIP.htm
  8. If you are diagnosed with asthma your HR department should/will know that this is a recognised condition. Have you provided any medical documents? Otherwise I would...
  9. Bit of a strange one as normally a PIP is implemented and steps/support to improve performance outlined. Only when the PIP is unsuccessful and performance not up to required standard this could lead to disciplinary action. Are you talking about sales targets? To follow those up with disciplinary action in my view would be completely out of line. What happens to the other colleagues not achieving their targets? And what is our union rep's view on all of this?
  10. Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that for those reasons you are getting an eviction notice??? And without any warning??? Anyway, CAB should be first point of contact.
  11. Before making any big mistakes by trying to fix things yourself I would also strongly recommend to take professional advice. Already mentioned by other post - Stepchange is a very good starting point and they answer many questions already on their website. Same applies to other options http://www.debtadvicefoundation.org/ or http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk/ These are all Charities.
  12. http://lawborepro.net/crime/weblinks/59
  13. TUPE protects the terms & conditions of your contract. So if your shift pattern is part of your contract it is not possible to amend this (at least not at this moment in time). If your night shift is not part or your contract, there is not much you can do other than negotiate on a 1 2 1 basis. In case you have valid reasons (e.g.: childcare issues) every decent employer would accommodate this.
  14. Although I would agree that a European ID card is a valid document, a shop can still have their own policies they want to follow and they are not obliged by law to accept this document. Threatening to change provider normally helps and triggers a change of mind.
  15. That is exactly the point. Should the ticket been sold in the first place if there is no exemption to the visa rules? I would contact the tour operator again and if unsuccessful contact ABTA. And sorry, cityboy, you are not quite right: firstly, all members of ABTA commit themselves to adhere to this code and would be in breach of their membership conditions which nobody really would want to risk. Secondly, the rules you quote, apply to charter flights only when this flight was sold as part of a package.
  16. The ABTA (Association British Tour Operators) Code Of Conduct states: Rule 2F & 2G - requires that before a contract is made that the travel agent or tour operator will provide information on health requirements and draw their attention to Department of Health travel health advice, and that before a contract is made the travel agent or tour operator shall advise on passport and visa requirements where it is reasonably practicable for them to do so. In other cases they will provide reasonable assistance in obtaining such information. Helpful possibly as well: http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/cgi-bin/brent&harrow/con1item.cgi?file=*ADV0049-1011.txt So the first question is, was this information given? And is there a visa available that would allow to return on a charter flight after 3 months? If not, the ticket should not have been sold in the first place. If yes, it would be the responsibility of your friend to obtain such visa.
  17. "Legal requirement" for paper statements is absolute nonsense! Why would they then offer the facility via online banking to switch to paperless? You should speak to your bank again, this is a facility every UK bank offers.
  18. Firstly,to my knowledge under TUPE your contract is protected for 12 months (so you don't have agree to any amendments in the first place), secondly, if you want a confirmation about the pay increase, there is nothing wrong at all in asking for it.
  19. So, not much to worry about - you are on full pay, will be invited for a meeting and your employer will have to provide evidence. Are you union member or are you represented? CAB might be a good idea as well. If nothing comes out of this take them to a tribunal.
  20. Sorry, but something does not sound quite right here. Why has this then been taken to disciplinary stage in the first place?
  21. Are you sure about BACS? Every bank is normally using Faster Payments, "just normal transfer" does not mean automatically BACS.
  22. There is unfortunately not very much that can be done unless you can prove a bank error on the employers side. In that case - and only in that case - the sending bank can action a Faster Payment Refund Request due to bank error. They should have a process in place for that. I doubt though that that will be the case and also that the receiving bank will return the money due to insufficient funds in the account.
  23. When people hear "disciplinary hearing for attendance" the assumption immediately is "the court is sitting and a judgement handed down". That is actually not quite correct. If you call in sick or are signed off by your GP it is not up to the company to judge whether this is genuine illness or not. However, the company is perfectly in their right to investigate absence if certain levels are reached. The triggers for that are determinded by the absence policy of your employer. A hearing also investigates if there is any underlying issue or which steps can be taken (also from your employers side) to improve absence levels. Possible outcome could also be that your employer asks you to sign a medical consent form to obtain a medical report if there are indications for an underlying issue. Sanctions are likely to happen if there are absence patterns, like always migraine on a Friday or food poisonning on a Monday etc or you have not taken reasonable and/or agreed actions to improve attendance. And finally, if you are not happy with the outcome of this hearing, you have a right to appeal which then will be heard by a more senior manager. In your case you should speak preferably to HR or a more senior manager anyway as "same targets as everybody else" is absolute nonsense. Reading your post I believe it is more likely that you may suffer from a recognised condition where your employer has certain obligations. You should have received an absence policy and guidelines with the invite. As far as the snow scenario is concerned: if you can't make it in you can't make it in. This should not count towards your absence levels. However, this is - depending on company policy - either to be taken as annual leave or more likely time owed/to be made up.
  24. Although not really your mistake that you have gone overdrawn, neither is it Lloyds'. Nothing to loose but I believe it would be a waste of time to write to them after you spoke already to the branch. What generally should be regulated is that a bank - when there is no agreed overdraft - should not honour payments that take a customer overdrawn. Then they charge you an unpaid item fee but that's far less than unauthorized overdraft charges
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