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  1. The reason I looked to fight it is I tried to pay the extra and had no other change on me. There's nothing adjacent to get more cash. The machine only registered the large coin and although it recognised the 20p it didn't add to the time.
  2. Hi I received a parking ticket from Glasgow CC after the parking sticker I had purchased ran out of time, by 15 minutes. The machine would only accept my £1.00 coin and would not recognise the addition 2x20p pieces that I put in. The machine was marked £1.00 per hour but also showed smaller denomination coins. I wrote to them explaining the situation using the following text: I received a parking ticket on the 19th December 2012, while parked in the car park located at Collins Street in Glasgow. When parking the car I tried to pay the sum of £1.40 into the parking machine (an
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