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  1. i have read the stickies but got no where with my post. i would really appreciate some direction. my time with these people (ukpc) has run out.. im not one to run from my problems. id rather know what im dealing with regarding law. god i wish i had studied it now. thanks though to the messages on here and didn't mean to cause offense.
  2. i used the word bloody if i remember correctly. i refrained from stronger wording im not arguing with u about words and appreciate the forum.) i will try to use more conservative terminology in the future that means the exact same thing, although i think most of your readers will think im talking rubbish i am confused though as to to what other words were unworthy of publishing. i was very restrained.
  3. ok. lol. i didn't realise the word conservative was a universal swear word but i will keep that in mind in future.
  4. why has my post been edited... surely im allowed to relate it to politics! whats with the freedom of speech... we dont live in America yet! [EDIT]
  5. ok.. u mean ignore and do not send an appeal at all..... based on the grounds they have suffered no financial loss,....
  6. ok thanks. these [edit] psychologically harass you in your [edit] sleep. they are the [edit].. just like the [edit] governments that let them!! ill try to hold out, but court action is something i don't want and thought that if i responded they might be more favorable with my case. However im dreaming that they have morals lol! Does anyone know the outcome of the trading standards case against them?? companies like this really need to be taken down!
  7. Thanks for all the above comments. I'm confused as to what to do.... I know how ruthless they are and how they don't give up! They know due to my previous dealings with them that i have a permit as do the staff they employ. they check the cars daily apart from this week when no one has parked in there due to the fact they cannot get in due too 2 feet of snow that has not been cleared this week. im having to park 15 mins away from work as a result!!! I was thinking of sending this... what do u all think I am appealing this parking ticket due to the fact that i have a valid parking permit
  8. I am undecided on my course of action and wondered if anyone has been through a similar experience. This is the second time that i have had a parking notice from ukpc. I work for an organisation that leases several parking places in a car park monitored by ukpc. I was given a parking permit to use a specific space in the car park in July 2012. In August I forgot to display my permit and received a parking notice for £90. The human resources manager at my workplace sent an appeal on my behalf verifying that i had a permit. I assumed this was being dealt with so thought no more about
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