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  1. Hi, I'm new to this site. If anyone is having problems with MARSHALL HOARES BAILIFFS here is there landline number 01224931013, yet occasionally they will say they are NORTHERN DEBT RECOVERY. Back in October 2012 I applied for a £200 loan with SPEED CREDIT, signed the agreement for £200 loan yet was processed for a £400 loan, I received the agreement for a £400 loan too!! Strange that as I know I didn't sign for that amount as it stated 200 on the one I signed, I contacted them straight away and could not get through so I contacted fos (financial ombudsmen service) to report it, they got in touch with them and gave them 8 weeks to resolve my problem, I had 350 left of the 400, I offers it them all back and wait 2wks for the other 50 pound which they refused to take, they gave me a week to pay it back without interest, I couldn't get the other 50 so was stuffed!! I offers them 200 back that way they could reduce my loan to the original amount of £200 but oh no they refused, to cut a long story short, I now owe £1150 I was on a payment plan but I couldn't afford so they cancelled it ad they wouldn't accept my offer, its been in dispute since day 1, I've passed it over to fos to take on and deal with, I have kept every email, text and recorded all calls, they are all mouth no trousers and they will not take you court as the longer they keep the harrasing calls going the more money they make off you by the interest.....everytime they ring I say " HAVE YOU GOT A COURT DATE YET?" they say court date for wat... I reply " TO TAKE ME TO COURT FOR THE OUTSTANDING BALANCE, PLEASE ONLY CONTACT ME WHEN IT'S TO INFORM ME OF THE COURT DATE" HANGUP!! I always say that now n if they get into an argument or hissey fit tell em " you won't accept my offer so the only way this will be resolved is via court so I suggest you take it to court and I will have my say in court with all the harassing evidence I have...hang up. They won't take you court and northern debt recovery, Marshall hoarse bailiffs, is under Gary chapple and oliver larholt director names to whom I have both of there numbers direct, but waste of space, well I've had enough and I am taking legal action against them for harrasment and the obvious fraud they committed by sending me a different loan and agreement. If anyone is in the same position I would go see the cab cause they can help to get this sorted and help
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