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  1. Thank you HB for your quick reply. I just want to know where I stand before I challenge the company I work for, I prefer to know what my rights are before I make a stand.
  2. My employer has just notified us at work that they have been mis calculating our holiday entitlement for a while (they say they dont know how long). I work 2 x 10 hour night shifts per week. They are going to back date the difference for 3 years (Ihave been there for nearly 4 years) and pay this with our February pay. My question is: Am I entitled to ask for this holiday from the last 3 years to be taken in time off, rather than have the money paid to me? I pay very little tax and I know I will lose about 20% of the amount paid in tax, which I wouldnt have done had my holiday entitlement
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