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  1. hi and thanks . it was like 10/11 months waiting for the appeal but I phoned up and the lady said you can not apply for the same problem for esa its a joke, so now had to register for jsa and he said not much here for you and wrote down see your MP
  2. no I thought I had put it in the wright place this time sorry again
  3. I lost my esa appeal tried to claim again and told you can not claim for the same thing .what do they want me to do make up a new illness. anyway went down to job centre yesterday for a appointment to claim jsa told it was on the third floor he said straight away your not going to get there are you so they came down to me and the person was very nice then a work adviser saw me and said from now on we have put on your card a red spot .thinking that was bad he said no it was just to say sigh on down stairs now . plus shown him my thing from the Atos form stating I can work . i.e. she put down c
  4. thank you sorry I put it in the wrongplace
  5. I lost my esa appeal then got a letter saying all my benefits as stopped from 5 July the letter was dated 14 July can't they send them same day. any way I asked if I could put in another claim for esa and it nearly 11 months from the start and end of appeal and she said if it is for the same thing again I can not claim for that. I have mobility problems with my back and depression I have just sent new sick note of on 8 July for 2 months so had to make an appointment at the jobcentre for jsa .it is a joke I have to have somebody in the house when I have a shower as keep going dizzy and falling
  6. yes your right no help at all with the appeal . if I do go for the esa again will I still get my money as same as now ,unless it as stopped and do I have to ring up for a esa form,thanks
  7. just says not enough points scored and reliance upon the hcp report .what ever that is . as soon as I walked in to my atos medical I new in here eyes they was nothing she was going to believe me then the two people in the appeal they just want to save money . I said if I was ready to go back to work I would I am 62 in January theirs no jobs for the young ones never mind trying to re train me. still don't now what happens next. thanks for your reply dell
  8. hi I failed my esa appeal on Wednesday 25 June got the letter 2/3 days after I was waiting about 10 month for the appeal .can anybody tell me what happens now do dwp get in touch to say my money as ending just don't now what is happening I have got doctors in the morning Tuesday 15 July asking for my usual sick note and going to re apply for esa as not fit for work . as I say what happens now could do with some help, thanks dell
  9. hi sorry got it wrong it is applying that is wrong but thanks for putting me right as said not used to all this never done it always worked before my accident
  10. been a bit numb how do you get jobs online and apply then get proof that you have been out and about to get 14 interviews or inquired , sorry to ask as said before not worked for 18/20 years through car accident. as said now appealing If I don't win don't now what I will do I now I can not work but as said wiling to try anything .thanks for all the advise from everybody
  11. update. just been to jobcentre this morning talked to a very nice guy then a lady they both said if I sign on jca I will have to apply for 14 jobs over the 2 weeks period how can I do that when sometimes can not even get out of the house mobility problems so between the lines they say appeal so got form and going to doctor in morning for sick note. I don't now how after 18 years or more umpteen medicals from them they say you are fit to work, I have mobility problems my back after a operation number of years ago on antidepressants high blood pressure which this does not help taking over 16 t
  12. hi and thanks to everyone I rang job centre yesterday Wednesday got a appointment for Monday am as my letter said . so what is the disability adviser sorry a bit numb. I now there is or should I say very little I can do sometimes I cant get out of the house with mobility problems so are they better than the regular advisers .sorry to ask but as said not worked for over ten years
  13. sorry did not now it was for lone parents that is why I was asking what I would get to live on, sorry for the confusion
  14. hi hope this is the wright place, as in the title been called in twice in the last 9 months latest in July informed 22 august failed after several months of anxiety . so I now I am not fit for work so they think but thought go with the flow rang up jobcentre got a appointment to see a adviser about job seekers allowance but who is going to employ somebody at nearly 61 with back problems on antidepressants tablets. pain tablets for back and my blood pressure 16 tablets in all a day sometimes more if back playing up especially in the colder month. the question is as my money stopped straight aw
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