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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing David Cameron on comic relief if he was getting pelted with custard pies, eggs or anything else that would humiliate him. If people could donate to see things like that happen to him i bet there would be a record set for the amount of money raised.
  2. With me, I have peripheral Neuropathy which effects my arms and mainly my legs and need to use crutches. 1 or 2 days a week i can manage to walk more than 200m although im in constant pain and it takes me ages to do it. 3/4 days a week i can manage to walk about the flat where i live but cannot manage to go very far and the other 1/2 days per week i struggle to get to the toilet because both my legs and arms have decided to cause me problems so i can't use my crutches easily. I can understand how some people do not look as though they have disabilitys but i do think its extremely unfair
  3. I think, in theory these are a good idea. But which homeless are they going to rehouse. I unfortunately have been homeless, in the winter for 3 months 6 years ago. Half the people i met would ruin these places. There would be needles and other drug paraphernalia lying around. Empty bottles of cheap alcohol, and they would stink to high heaven. They would be treated like squats. Thats the problem with housing all homeless together. PLUS, will they be continually monitored or would they be left to their own devises. I know, not every homeless person is like that. I for o
  4. Most doctors i know will post date you a sick note from the time yours runs out.
  5. The only thing i've heard is that those getting SDP might continue to get full council tax (or whatever its going to be called) but that all depends on which LA you're with.
  6. Thanks. I wonder how many others dont realise they may be entitled to this, from what i've read on this and another forum, i would imagine its quite a few. Do you think she would be more likely to get reassessed though? Thats what she's most worried about, bringing attention to herself. Personally i think she would rather not have the money, for now, but if she manages to get put back into the support group when she eventually gets reassessed, she would apply for it (or UC) then. I don't blame her as im doing something similar with my DLA as im sure i should be entitled to MRC &
  7. Wow. My flatmate got his immediately. He was only in the tribunal for 5 minutes as well. Really feel sorry for those who have to wait weeks for a decision. Don't know how you cope with the extra anxiety it must bring.
  8. Nope, no other income apart from HB & CTB.
  9. Yes thats the case. My flatmate and friend both transferred from IB to ESA SG and their money stayed the same. Only thing is, their money won't go up in April until the amounts match, so they might be on the same amount of money for a few years.
  10. She put that she didn't have any.(she's never had any). I always thought it strange that those on IR ESA like me who have never worked, should get more than those on CB ESA that have, especially with all the extras that are included in IR ESA. She's got an appointment with her support worker on Wednesday, so i'll try and convince her to give them a ring then. (she doesn't have a phone but her SW lets her use theirs). Only problem is she's worried that any contact she has with DWP will result in her being on their radar and she'll get renewed sooner. She had to win a tribunal to get wha
  11. Im in a similar situation to you. I currently get HRM LRC and my care needs have got worse. In fact i used to get MRC a few years ago and my needs are now worse than they were then. I just don't want to risk what i already get. Much happier getting less money than no money
  12. No she doesn't have a partner or Savings. Its not just the extra money that would be nice, its the fact that she is then passported onto other things. Wow Nystagmite, quick reply, I hadn't even finished editing the post.
  13. My friend is getting CB ESA and is in the SG. The other day she got a letter from housing benefit. It says Income you told us about £108.05. How much the law says you need to live on: For you £71 Because you are sick or disabled £14.80 Because you receive ESA support component £34.05 TOTAL £119.85 She doesn't get the £14.80 in CB ESA and the ext
  14. Thanks but i've just realised it ends in 13. Lack of sleep must be effecting my memory. Got all the numbers of my NIno mixed up in my head. Been happening quite a bit recently. Anyway, Thanks again.
  15. I was just looking at an earlier post. I'm on ESA and my NI number ends 73 but i get paid Mondays. Will that be because my IS payment was Monday and its continued from that.
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