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  1. Hello, June last year I had a total loss right off involving no other parties. The vehicle was valued at £265 and the excess was £250. I contacted Admiral who processed the claim within 24 hrs. Obviously nothing ventured nothing gained or lost. Several weeks later I received a new certificate of insurance and policy documents for my old right off and a letter saying I owed them a premium of £620. When I referred to my exisiting documents I found that they had all expired in April 2012 including my certificate of insurance. My policy had been automatically renewed but no paperwork had be
  2. Hi Folks, Is anyone here over the age of 24 and found that their Apprenticeship Applications are rejected with excuses rather than reasons? I have made several without so much as getting an interview. Recently was rejected for an Junior IT job where I have the neccessary skills but they used my GCSE results from 16 years ago as the reason why I was un-successful. I am aware that businesses are able to apply for funding from the Governments Apprenticeship Scheme for applicants between 16 - 24 years old. They are however obligated to advertise the vacancy to the public. I'm concerned that age
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