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  1. hi the original possession order was given in sept 2008, because my ex partner lost his job but they stopped any further action as we agreed to pay extra towards the arrears every month. my ex partner and i split up and he agreed instead of paying maintenance he would pay the secured loan which i only found out in may 2011 he had not being doing because i had no correspondance from them until i received the letter stating the amount of arrears and that they had applied to the court for a warrant of possession, i then applied for to suspend this and i explained my circumstances this had
  2. hi thanks for the information i will have a look at it and thanks for moving the thread im new to this as you can probably tell:-)
  3. Hi Please help i have a suspended possession order on my second mortgage/secured loan of cmp £678.77 + £181.28 to clear the arrears and i have missed two monthly payments because i havent been paid my tax credits!! I wrote to them (so i had proof) to let them know straight away and i asked if i could pay a lower amount but i never heard anything. I have now received a letter from there solictors saying they are applying to court for an eviction date, i contacted there solicitors yesterday as the mortgage company are not dealing with it now and they said unless i clear the full arrears
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