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  1. i dont intend 2 let them in my property thought i was on my on in this until a friend and nieighbour told me that they ad same trouble and told me about this site thank you i feel much better knowin i can talk to others
  2. thank u its just nerve wrakin wen 2 guys turn up on ur door demandin money from you
  3. brighthouse also done a new aggreement 4 me but i was tolld i still had 2 pay the charges at the end of it i managed 2 make some payments and then my benifits went down because im a carer and was late wiv a payment n they refused my payment
  4. i av ad a few late charges because i tried to get my account on a fourtnightly payment n made arrangaments to see 1 of the staff and then when i went in she was always off the £150 is what they want this time but in total it cums to £181.50 i feel as tho im backed into a corner with them the girl in the shop is denien the fone call i made then i had a call from a area manager who in a round about way was threatnin me they av been to my property 3 times n even told security they were canvesers 2 gain access 2 the building
  5. the late payment charges are £4.50 per item they put a card threw my door askin for £181.50 i havent made a payment for 3wks my weekly payment is £24 n the rest they want in charges
  6. I'm currently a customer of Brighthouse. I was late paying about 4 weeks ago. I contacted Brighthouse within a week to make a offer of payment and i was told it had gone to collections. They refused my offer of payment and are now constantly ringing me upto 12 times a day , they are visiting my property and they have threatened me with bailiffs and court action. I have paid in the past around about £150 in late payment fees alone and i have their service cover and insurance too. My 16 year old daughter is terrified to stay in the flat on her own as Brighthouse have sent to aggresive blo
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