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  1. Hi. My girlfriend has just left her role at a nursery - let's call it"Nursery A". While there her contract said that she was not allowedto work for another nursery within 5 miles as the manager does not want hercurriculum and way of working copied - even though that is that last thing mygirlfriend would want to do! She found a job with "Nursery B" which has multiple locations,however, due to the nature of her skill set she is required to work inside the5 mile radius. The manager of Nursery A has now written to her threatening my girlfriendwith legal action. I, personally, think that this clause (the contract was signed btw) is veryrestrictive and basically rules out her working for any nursery in this town. I'm not a legal expert so I would like some very basic advice. 1) What is the likelihood of Nursery A being successful with legal action? 2) What would be the consequences if Nursery A was successful? 3) Can Nursery B just state that she is based at a nursery outside of the 5miles, however, she may be required to work at any location? Thanks Andy.
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