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  1. Hi there Just before May I went on to tesco's website to change my policy's address, I completed the form and sent it. Just after that I moved out because the landlord was selling the flat and it was urgent so I had to do this in a hurry. Tesco Bank Car Insurance apparently sent letters to the old address, knewing that I've changed the address with information that the thing that I did online was only a quote and that a change in premium will be made, 20 pounds more per month for changing the address and If I won't contact them within 21 days they have right to cancel the policy. I didn't have the letter and did not read them as I had no access to the old flat, so until few days ago I found that I was driving without insurance when I called them up and wanted to upgrade my breakdown cover . Apparently they sent me emails (which i have not received) and post.. I also found that from my old landlord that there was no letters from tesco.. All this just before my +1 year of ncd. The fact that they didn't call me or text me is disgusting (they had my number yet not tried to contact). So I had NO WAY of knowing about this.. I called them and they explained everything, and they said they can't do anything now since its too late, they canceled the policy.. So i asked them for proof of postage on the mails and emails and they said they don't have any proof... Is there anything then I can do or did they just screwed me up? p.s; they were still taking money out of my account so even that gave me an impression that everything is good. Thanks for any advice.. Ask more questions if you need to.
  2. Hello, I have signed up for many hostings online before, and I never signed any agreements to them in my life. I've signed up for fasthosts.co.uk few months ago, for 4.19 pounds, I have paid the 2 payments, which is 2 months. And then I did not pay the third one, so they suspended and then terminated my account, so since it was terminated I though that it's deleted and I don't have to do anything further. That's how it usually works in web hosting companies, but no, with fasthosts apparently I've signed an agreement, but I did not recieve one, and I did not signed anything physically. Now they put some weird charges and put case to CCI, debt agency. fees are now 120 pounds !!! I recently turned 18, and i don't work. and I wasnt even aware that this is a year contract !! I have no money or what so ever to pay. I don't know what to do, this is just too big for me. Also i cannot login with my original email adress to contact them because whenever I reset my password, put new one and try to login it says that account details are invalid even tho im providing good ones. I sent email to them, asking what is this all about, but they sent me automated response saying that I did not sent it from the account's email adress? But all their messages are sent to that email... Makes no sense! Please anyone could help me, im a full time student, i cant work, and got no money this is non sense :/
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