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  1. Hi all, Would someone please provide me with names/addresses for Currys or 'Whatever Happens'. In particular the contact details of the C.E.O would be good. I have tried dealing with Gary Perryment, but to no avail. He WON'T reply to emails or letters. I am going to send a LBA requesting their initial engineers report on an item returned to me after they refused to repair it under WH. I will also be requesting a copy of the report from H.M Investiagtions. I will need this as evidence in court. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
  2. Thanks renegadeimp for clarifying that. Does anyone have a sample template which would be ideal for me to send. Also, Should I send it to the standard Maylands Avenue address or is there a 'higher' address I could send it to? Who should I address at? Many thanks
  3. Thanks once again 'IHB'. Would kindly outline what points I should mention in my next letter? Is seven for them to reply enough time? Thanks
  4. I am not one to bluff. I mean every word I say. If send them a letter before I send a LBA, what should I say? Can i demand? What did you mean by 'in the past I have found knowhow service spot'? Many thanks once again IHB
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't want to speak to anyone on the phone, but then again everything seems to take an age with Whatever Happens. Should I send them 'LBA'? If so what should I say to them? Thanks so much in advance.
  6. Hi all, my first post. I could use some advice please regarding a declined claim with my whatever happens policy. Here goes... Early in December I was out taking photographs along the coast. I was changing lenses on my Canon EOS 500D camera when I suddenly swayed, lost balance and fell backwards landing on my back. The part of coast that I was photographing is very rocky and made up of large boulders and sharp rocks. As I fell, the camera was thrown from my hands and both the lens and the camera body sustained very bad injuries! I had a light ruksack on my back which contained m
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