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  1. Hi I have a 200 page complaint about minicredit I sent to them- but obviously no response as they have closed down What should i do- or who do i send to? no one is chasing the money
  2. Hi everyone Quick Question- Do companies i have an outstanding loan with have to send me regular statements- with amounts owed etc Reason i ask Wonga- never sent me anything in 2/3 years last time i wanted to know the balance owed it took 6 emails back and forth Payday uk And payday UK- never sent me anything in 2/3 years took 3/4 emails to find amount owed a few companies send me statements - but others dont Do they have to?- what are the repercussions if they do not
  3. Update for anyone who is interested- Just got my response from Quidmarket They say they have done nothing wrong however- they have written off £200 outstanding debt and £25 refund
  4. a few things- ringing me constantly ringing me at home and work- after being told not to ringing home and work and being very public about where they are coming from threatening letters/text/ emails/ voicemails- we will be sending around debt collectors, we will take you to court if you dont pay now etc not sending letters telling me they have purchased a debt telling me their debts should be my priority as they will go to court after complaining about fees and ridiculous charges added by the original PDL company- they do not care- telling me there is no way to complain and have these charges removed and just general poor behaviour
  5. Hello all just wondering if it is worth complaining against DCA- eg MMF and McKenzie hall etc i have had real bad experiences with these over the years who would i complain to and what would i get out of it also i have little evidence as these clowns will only deal over the phone
  6. I had to cancel CPA agreements with Lloyds TSB before they are very reluctant and it was hard work took about an hour on the phone
  7. i had the same problem a while back they will talk you out of payment plan on the phone, talk down to you and generally try to make you feel bad about the situation cancel CPA with your bank (although again- this can be hard work) wait until they cant get their money forward them every email you have already sent them they will then have to help they are most likely stalling you in the knowledge that they can sweep in and empty your bank account
  8. irresponsible implies the fault is with them and not you
  9. i have put my complaint in about these- irresponsible lending and bad debt collection methods DX is right It is only through complaints that the PDL industry has been sorted out (to a point)
  10. Can someone give me a rough turn around time for FOS complaints? Thanks
  11. I am in the same position with minicredit stalemate for the last 3 years £3200 for a £500 loan
  12. i got the same email from 247 money box forwarded to FOS added complaint about unable to deal with customer complaints adequately
  13. Thanks guys Here is quick run through of where i am at- Myjar- Agreed to write of £200 debt Lending Stream/ Zebit- Claimed no wrong doing- although they would write off £240 off around £600 outstanding - will forward to FOS Peachy- claim no wrong doing- will forward to FOS Wonga- Already write off £400 previously- awaiting account history info to file complaint 247 moneybox- awaiting response Payday express/paydayuk/ Wageday advance- awaiting response Safety Net- awaiting response Quidmarket awaiting response Quid- awaiting response Minicredit- awaiting response- spent months arguing already with them- they want £3k+ for a £500 loan- will send to FOS - Have sooo many stories about these clowns my claim is based on No credit check done- would have clearly shown the amount of payday loans i had was ridiculous misuse of the loans- loans were being taking out the same day as repayment poor information given- eg being told to roll over loans when i told them i cannot afford, not being able to set up payment plans as i did not meet "criteria" I should have complained about debt collection companies used- some of these have been real bad (MMF, CRS etc) calling me all the time, calling my house and work phones after being told not to are they responsible for the practises of another debt collection company acting on their behalf?
  14. Hi everyone I am in the process of complaining to payday loans for a bit of a reclaim on extortionate interest/ charges and fees by payday loan companies i started using these companies back in 2011 the problem is that i have limited knowledge of loans i took out- i know the companies- but was crazy back then and just borrowed all the time and have no real records of what i had from where Can i just ask the PDL companies for a breakdown? Do they have to give it to me Thanks for the help
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