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  1. i was not looking for sympathy i was only asking for help as i didn't have a clue about the whole system. you don't have to be so upset about it. and i'd just got off the train from london victoria and saw the tram and rushed for it assuming that like in Sheffield i can/ i'm allowed to buy it in the tram. i showed them my provisional driver's license with my address that shows that i don't live around here. so i genuinely didn't know how things work this side i thought the oyster only worked on trains, tubes and buses. i had not been on the tram around here. and i explained that i had no job at the moment so i didn't deliberately avoid paying, the form said that i can pay £40 within 21 days, which i didn't have, so i thought by the time i get the job i'd be able to pay the £80 i had to pay afterwards. seriously you don't have to be like that. i didn't come here for sympathy i just want to know how to deal with my situation which now i can deal with and it's fine. if this is how you think about everyone who comes on this site to ask for help then i don't think you should be doing this at all. but thanks for the help anyway
  2. i called the court the person i spoke to told me to call home office and find out because he doesnt know. i researched abit more and most people say it's very likely that it will appear on my crb. so i've informed my current employer and potential employer too. waiting for their decisions on the matter but i'm sure it will be all ok. but i think in the future it will be better to penalise those who don't offer to pay the ticket on the spot when the transport police arrive because sometimes these things are genuine mistakes not just people trying to dodge fares. in sheffield there is a tram operator who comes to check tickets and we pay onboard if you were in a hurry to catch the tram and couldn't buy a ticket at the office or machine.
  3. i called the number you suggested and was referred to the bailiff. i have paid my first instalment. i want to know if i have a criminal record now and will this affect me if i want to apply for a job in the future?
  4. i will find out about the correspondence letters. i moved from my mother's around may and she had not mentioned seeing any letters from the court or anything like that until this one arrived. thank you all for the responses
  5. i'm afraid i don't have the letter with me, i was there in april and the fine came in novermber
  6. yes i think its a court fine. it has some admin costs and alot of other costs too. i assumed i could speak to the TFL people but since it's now a court issue then will it be possible to pay it in instalments or something like that? thanks for the response too
  7. the letter is from the tower bridge county court. they just said if i don't pay that amount i'll be called into court, my car will be clamped or something but i don't have a car. i thought £80 was the maximum they'll charge me because the ticket fine said i should pay £40 with in 21 days, and failure to that i'll end up paying £80. so i thought if i can't get the £40 then when i got a job i'll pay the £80 no problem. thanks for the response. i'll keep an eye out for more
  8. i came to croydon once to see a house i wanted to rent with a friend. i had been to london before and had only been on the bus, train and tube but never on a tram. i had used trams before but that's in south yorkshire in Sheffield. there we can pay for the ticket inside the tram. when i came from london victoria i had topped up an oyster card i got from my friend with £5 and got on the southern rail. i came out at east croydon with my friend and as i saw the tram approach i ran for it and got it. i assumed i could pay for it inside as i saw, what i assumed to be the conductors. turned out to be the tfl police and they came and asked to see my oyster i showed him and then he beeped it and told me i was avoiding to pay and there was -£1 in my oyster. i informed him that i can pay right here as i have the cash and i had just topped up my oyster with £5 if he could check that. he told me to get off the tram with him as he will write me a penalty fine. i tried to explain to him that i don't live here and i don't know how the system is around here. i offered to pay on the spot or he could show me where to buy this ticket. he refused and asked for my details, i gave him my name and address. i was not employed at that time so i couldn't pay this fine, i tried to get the amount they asked for but i was too late, and it increased to £80. i used to live with my mother then i moved to swindon to live with my father assuming it would be easier to get jobs there and now that i have one i was prepared to pay my fine. i called my mother to ask for the details in the letter they'd written and she told me now its £340. i cant afford that. i have no idea what to do.
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