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  1. ok i'll do that but out of interest for the minority of people that have paid them in the past, is the outcome the same, i mean is it like saying you accept that you're guilty?
  2. ok good as long as i can get a job without any worry thats fine, but the letter said RPL have a database and can pass data onto the police?
  3. Maybe i should also add that the police were called, but they beleived me, so they did not give me any fines or press any charges, so it should be ok right?
  4. Ok, but it wont affect me applying for jobs (perhaps in other retail companies, obviously not this one) and i can still apply to uni, by ticking the no crminal records box , right, whether i pay them or not? Sorry i need to be certain. This is so important to me
  5. oh thanks sorry for the late reply, i haven't paid them yet, i only just got it, but i think i will just to get it out of the way. i just really want to forget about it! i really did intend to pay for the item, but my little sister was crying for food so i forgot. But even when i would have eventually realised i hadn't paid for the item, i would have gone back to pay for it. Also my relative was caught with me, will she have to pay another civil recovery fine (RPL) or will we both pay the same fine?
  6. Hi all i specifically want to know is that if you get a civil recovery fine from a store (for suspicion of shoplifthing) does it appear on an ENHANCED CRB check. No other fines were given. Al that happened was i was banned from the store for a year and the cicil recoevry was given to me. I want to apply for jobs; and also to uni as i want to be a doctor, so i would need an enhanced CRB Check Thanks
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