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  1. Went to court today and GE Money solicitor didn't turn but sent a fax stating they agreed to the 56 day extension,the judge also said he was going to rule in our favor as GE Money and there solicitor were any thing but helpful and he agreed that they left it till the last minute making it very hard to get before the judge which would work in the favor,thank you to all who offererd advice it was greatly appreciated.Paul:smile:
  2. Thank you to all who helped with advice on this thread,just got to hope and pray we get the outcome we need tomorrow,paul
  3. Am not sure if there are duty legal advisors there tomorrow as up untill 5pm today GE Money were going to agree to the extension then at the last min said no,so we were kind of having to do everything in the last min so until tomorrow we are so unsure of everything
  4. tried to today but he was unavailable till tomorrow,and yes the bank has priority as they gave the morgate while GE Money just lnt him money after he had the morgate,thank you for putting the sos out i will continue to check for replys while continuing to pack,thanks paul
  5. Hi i have been a tentant for 8 yrs at my rented property and found out my landlord went bankrupt and a possession order was made against the house so i went to court to suspend the decision and give me 2 months to find elsewhere which was granted till 23/01/2013(we were also advised by the banks client that if we had found somewhere and it moving date was a week after the 23 jan then to contact them and they would consider putting the eviction off till for a week. we then found a property which would wouldnt be ready till the 28th jan so i contatacted the solictor and they agreeded to the extension,since then another creditor G E Money put another possesion order againts the house which falls on the 23rd jan so i contacted them and asked for a delay of several days and sent copies of the my tennet agreement plus a confirmation letter of the landlords of my new property showing the move in date which they asked for and also once they got this they would give us the time needed.and once they recieved this proof they then said sorry we wont agree due to another creditor also having a claim againts the propertry. what i really need to know is can i go to court tomorrow(appointment at 10:30 am) will i be able to suspend the warrant againts G E money which gives me and family the days needed? thank you for taking the time to read this and if possible and speedy response would be very grateful,thanks paul
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