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  1. ok will do when i can get to the library!
  2. i will look for the reciept now, who do i give the receipt to to prove that i dont owe anything??
  3. No they dont sign the parcels basically you pack the kit into a box and ann summers arrange for a courier to collect when they collect your given a barcode to put on the parcel (but it only goes on one parcel out of the two) then they sign a receipt (which i think i have still got somewhere) and take the parcels. from the point that it left my door to ann summers the second parcel seemed to have disappeared hence the outstanding balance. ive heard its not the first time from places like ann summers and avon. i cant reclaim from the courier as its ann summers that arranged it all with them im literately the middle person that ends up with all the charges.
  4. they have already sent me a break down of why i owe it, i sent my kit in two parcels and they apparently didnt recieve the second parcel which means i am liable for it even though the parcels were picked up together signed for together! recieved a reply to my offer still refusing! Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we are unable to set up a longer payment plan than 3 months. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. *Please ensure that you reply with all emails attached, and reply to the Communications Team (ccare@annsummers.com) rather than directly to the Operator, this will ensure your query is dealt with as the Operator may not be available to deal with your query* frustrating just want to get them off my credit rating!!!!
  5. yes i have a few one with wonga and cash genie but they are already set up in a payment plan so they arent a problem these are express payday that just want me to roll it over
  6. this was my reply : I apologize but i wouldnt be able to pay £73 a month back as i would not be able to afford this. I would however like to get the debt cleared quickly just like yourselves! Would you perhaps be able to spread this over 6 months instead? Making it £36.98 for five months then a final payment of £36.99. With being on benefits i feel this is a very generous offer towards sorting this arrangement out thanks. no reply as of yet, but if they decline this what would i be able to do? leave it until they try and take me to court for it or what?? i am keeping everything in writing dont want any phone calls this way i can keep note of everything!! p.s. is there any letter templates with laws on repayment plans at all??
  7. the first lot of contact was via phone when i set up the first repayment arrangement however they wanted me to ring back the following week to set it up because their systems were down however i wouldnt get paid until the end of the month (this was middle of november) first email i got from them was this Dear Hazel, Various efforts and reminders to resolve your arrears have failed. You continue to breach the Terms and Conditions of your Loan Agreement. We have received no communication from you and your account has continued to fall further into arrears. You may find it easier to manage your account online by using the following link tps://applications.paydayexpress.co.uk/AccountManagement/a/Login However if there are any changes in your financial circumstances and you prefer to call then please ring us on 0115 908 1162* where one of our advisors will be happy to help. Please call us on 08:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday or 09:00-13:00 Saturday to discuss current circumstances and identify various options that may resolve this matter. If you have already been in contact or have an arrangement agreed, then please ignore this communication. Best Regards, Express Finance most recent email was this this morning Dear Client, Your CASHGENIE account is seriously overdue. We were still unfortunately unable to collect your interest payment today. We have decided to give you a Christmas special offer. If you can pay £20.00 between now and the 29th of this month. We will waive ALL Additional interest and charges and get your account rolled over until your next pay date. Please note that this will restore your credit file and bring your account out of arrears. We want to help you get back on track, but in order for us to help you need to complete the below or Please call 01473 297214 ask for myself Daniel C. (Please complete and return) Mobile telephone number - Date you can make payment - Card number for payment – Expiry date of card - Cardholders name – Here are the details you need to make a payment by Over the counter. Bank Name: Barclay's Account Number: 13022625 Sort Code: 20 00 00 Payable to Ariste Holdings Ltd. Reference: Post code and last name. Kindest Regards Daniel Cunningham
  8. i was a party planner and my earnings didnt really cover much slowly i slided down to the point where i wasnt making a penny for my time i packed up my whole kit (just over £250 worth) and sent it back via their choice of returns. They are now trying to claim i still owe £220.00! even though my kit should have covered it. with various tennis emails ive decided i will just repay what i supposedly owe and what not. i sent them an email yesterday saying i was willing to set up a payment plan of £5 a week, (£20 a month) and would like any interest or charges frozen so i can repay what i owe without digging deeper in debt. i have had this for a reply : Collections Team wrote: Good afternoon Hazel, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we can only set a payment plan up of 3 months, and therefore we are unable to accept the payment of £5 a week. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. can they actually do this? i replied asking how much it would be over 3months this is the reply : Good afternoon Hazel, That would be £73.98 for 2 months and £73.99 for the last month, we would need you to call us to make the first payment and to set up the payment plan. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. can they only set up a payment plan over 3months? what is the difference to if i want to set it up over 6 months? ive replied to try and haggle it over 6 months any help here?!
  9. so had a reply to my email basically stating they will not accept £5 a week and charges and interest wont be frozen :C they will only set up a payment plan over the period of 6months then the final balance would be taken from my account. is this even allowed?!?
  10. Hello. I have currently defaulted on payments with payday express. i have them constantly ringing me texting me sending letters the lot. theyve really gone all out on me. I did originally set up a payment plan with them but they wanted me to ring them back within seven days with my bank details to set up the direct debit. i told them i was on my last bit of credit on my phone and they would have to ring me back when their systems were up and running. i heard nothing after that however still kept getting daily phone calls from them asking for the full balance and even have the cheek to deny that i had ever set up the payment plan with them! due to their constant phone calls, my boss got annoyed with the work phone going for them to contact me i decided it would be in my own best interests to hand in my notice and i have now switched to income support i informed this to payday express and they wanted proof of me moving onto benefits. i thought this was a bit cheeky if you ask me, and from browsing others threads i can see people have been advised to only contact in writing and not to fill any other their I/E forms out? is this right? basically im just looking for a template letter to offer them £10 a month and was hoping that i could only pay what i owe + 1 months interest and i feel thats only what is fair. although the loan was taken out over a repayment period of 3 months which leaves what i owe them at just over £600 after a £150 loan. is there any way of getting this cut down? i was considering going for a debt relief plan or something like that i just want some advice. im fed up and this is really getting me down as this isnt the only payday loan thats seriously harrasing me. i feel my only other option is to just take my income support and directly pay a pay day loan one at a time. (my wonga was only £90, but i have no idea how much interest i have been charged on it) is there any light at the end of the tunnel. is that bad that now i cant even get a sofa out of brighthouse and i have no other way of getting one unless i save up with what little i have left which will leave me months and months without a sofa. HELP PLEASE!!!!
  11. bit lost ive come to start dealing with my massive debt problems but dont know where to get started any tips would be helpful thanks
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