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  1. Almost identical to the email we got yesterday. They are impossible to deal with. Even though you have overpaid they will continue to harass you! Good luck!
  2. And reply received saying they won't do anything about it! Fuming! Feels to me like they have friends on the inside now! I have more than enough proof that they have operated illegally but the people who have the power to do something about this won't do anything! What now?
  3. I wish I had known earlier in the process of dealing with the PDL companies how much quicker things get dealt with when you mention seeking 'independent legal advice'! After getting nowhere with most companies I have written this in every email sent and suddenly all unlawful charges are removed and hey presto I have repayment plans in place that are actually lower than I was planning to pay, will stick to what I was intending to pay in order to clear these debts as quickly as possible! They don't need to know that the advice I have sought is mostly from this board and through reading the
  4. It seems like a huge mountain to climb but it can be done. I've negotiated with most of our PDLs and got payment plans agreed. I've got 10 of them to pay off but after a lot of hard work I will. Be free from them by this time next year! Txtloan were without a doubt the easiest ones to deal with, one email and it was sorted. They just had to wait an extra day for the first payment as my bank were slow I sending it it but after that no issues! I will have even cleared them a month early! Still negotiating with PDUK, LendingnStream and a few others but have been putting aside what I'm offer
  5. I have finally sent off my complain to the oft about these glorified loan sharks. It has taken me a while as I have wanted to get the wording right, double check all my complaints were justified and get copies of alley emails, texts and letters together to post off as well. Wonder what's going to happen now! I hope I help shut these thieves down!
  6. They have no right to see them! I think they will ask for them from us! Not having them!
  7. I've spoken to citizens advice who said we should offer then £15 per month but we have offered £5 per week. Any more than that and our kids will suffer and why should they go without for our stupidity ? Obviously they aren't spoilt but they need clothes, food, school trips etc. at the end of that day the PDL will get what we can afford and not a penny more. I have more important things and I am still paying them off. And will clear what I owe within 12 months!
  8. Lloyds have put a block onto my card for these PDL companies. It's worked for us, and disputes usually put the money back in within 24hrs of it being taken and I check hourly and transfer it straight out again!
  9. I had over £500 put back into my bank by LLoyds this week so you can get it back. They will only refund from the date you asked in writing for the CPA to be cancelled and you will have to fight for every penny but it can and will be done. You need the disputes dept. and for what it's worth I complained quite loudly threatening the FSA and got £100 compensation, free upgrade of my account ( that I have now closed! ) and they have refunded the cost of my premium rate phone calls! Kick up a huge fuss and you will get it sorted! Oh and I tweeted about them as well! That really got them upset!!!!
  10. Won't happen! I've been trying for a month to do this and they keep adding charges. This morning I have sent an email entitled formal complaint to see if that happens and told them I am reporting their charges and refusal to accept standing order to the oFT, as well as theirs threatening debt collector letter. Letsnsee if that helps.
  11. I'm not paying anything to easyfinance, speed credit or minicredit. I'm putting what I have offered into my ISA each week and when they see sense I will pay them what I owe. I am now earning interest on that money, nota lot but its something! i have offered every PDL we owe £5 a week which is affordable to us until. Leaves no money for luxuries but we can eat, pay our bills and manage to run the car. Most have been more than ok with this, and as I pay off each PDL I am increasing my payments to the rest, only by 50p each time I pay off a loan but every penny helps to clear the debts!!! I have
  12. Welcome! We have 10 of them totalling almost £4000 with interest and charges. We are going to be skins for all of this year but should be debt free by the end of the year! It's definitely a battle. Which companies did you owe? We owe Wonga Mini Credit Payday UK Payday Express Piggy Bank Txt Loan Lending Stream Easy Finance Spped Credit Wage day advance Only managed to negotiate payment plans with three of the ten so far and know I won't get anywhere with three of them but hope to sort the other four some point this month.
  13. I have written a very long letter of complaint to NDR after receiving a voicemail today inviting my to make an appointment for a visit, or if I don't them just turning up! I would like to see them turn up here! I am not afraid to fight my corner. Obviously I would do it calmly and diplomatically as I am not giving them anything to use against me. What is the best address to send post to as I want them to actually read what I say? Also I owe both easy finance and speed credit. I've learnt the speed credit loan was taken out after they lost their licence. Can I mention this to them and ask
  14. After MONTHS of complaining I have finally had the CPA cancelled for all PDLs and they have refunded me the £500 they managed to take before I secured my money in a Barclays account! I feel so much better now that I am finally well and truly back in control of my money! I have set up repayment plans with 4 of the companies I owe money to, and am negotiating with another three but know I won't get anywhere with Easy-finance, Speed credit and miniCredit so I am putting what I am willing to repay per month I to my ISA until they will accept my plans. I have worked out my budget and can affor
  15. They are evil! I am putting aside what I can afford to pay them each month, have emailed them and written to them plenty of times now saying I am willing to pay back my original loan, plus one months interest and one default fee but they refuse to acknowledge it. I now put it into my ISA until they see reason and have just lodged a complaint about them. I seriously believe they will eventually lose their licence given the many ways they break the law!
  16. The ones Gren has posted are the ones they publish on their website if that helps!
  17. I'm in the middle of collating all my evidence about these loan sharks and want to know how I make a complaint to the OFT about them. I have plenty to go on. 1) refusing to communicate via email 2) pursuing the debt through more than one company 3) MHB misrepresenting their powers (surely claiming to be bailiffs with bailiff power is actually fraud) 4) acknowledging I had cancelled CPA but still attempting to take money anyway then charging me when payment fails 5) unjust and disproportionate charges 6) harrassment and intimidation 7) refusing to give me a full breakdown of thei
  18. I'm guessing you had an email from NDR today saying you needed the full amount available in your account from midnight tonight? I just had that one and hit reply twice with the same response. I said as was my legal rig I withdrew any right for them to take money from my account, that if they did I would report them as it would be illegal. I also then went on to say that I was reporting them to the relevant authorities as I had sought independent legal advice and they had no leg to stand on other than to ask for their original loan plus one month interest which is all I will repay. I then
  19. Almost impossible. I wrote to lloyds requesting they cancel the CPA. They wrote back saying they couldn't and allowed over £200 to be taken causing an unauthorised overdraft and for some direct debits to bounce. I wrote back a formal complaint quoting the law and insisting they refunded me and canceled the authority. Hand delivered this into branch. Currently awaiting a reply from them but no money has left my account since! I think the threat of being reported for illegal actions might have kicked them into gear!
  20. Not worried about this at all after reading this forum,just letting you know. I will continue to repay my loads at £5 per week until I have paid my original loan (£200 with speed credit and £200 with easy finance) and then stop and tell them yet again to justify the rest in court. What worries me isn't them and their threats, but the fact that once we are out of the PDL hell we intend to save to buy a house and what effects this will have on my credit rating. I have emailed the company in their various forms at least once a week, yes I have kept all emails, even the Automated ones return
  21. I hate all the PDL companies I have to deal with but of a bad lot these have been the best! I offered them £10 a week starting next Friday by bank transfer stating clearly I would only pay my original loan, one month interest and a minimal default fee. They emailed back almost straightaway with a breakdown of all that and agreeing to my payment plan. And even better they want back less than I was expecting to have to pay. Only £15 less but better than a kick in the teeth. I only communicated by email with them. On the other hand almost every other company I need to deal with has been a total n
  22. We have been rather foolish and got stuck in the PDL trap and this month just cannot carry on! I have emailed all the companies we owe money to, with the exception of Easy Finance And Speed Credit who don't appear to have an email address for me to contact them on! With them they can have my original loan amounts and one month interest, not a penny more! We owe the following companies Wonga £561 Txt Loan £198 easy Finance - they say over £1000 with their illegal charges we say £90 left to pay Speed credit - again they say over £1000 we say £210 left to pay Payday uk - £
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