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  1. Hi, After 5 months of us both being on low hours we got behind on our ctax. I'm finally back at work and now we owe £1250 on our council tax. I've offered them £275 a month which actually gets it paid off earlier than we would pay the council. However they are asking for a lot of info I don't want to give them unless I have to. They asked these questions in my reply to my email offer: Are you currently Employed? Full Time/Part Time? Wages? Who do you work for? - Dependent children - Does your partner work? -
  2. Send a FORMAL COMPLAINT and they legally have to communicate with you. It's on my to-do list this week to sort them out- been busy with work and we have had a new baby so been a bit busy. I've had a bit of email correspondence with Michael Lapides and they have finally agreed I don't owe anywhere near what they say. Admittedly it has taken a complaint to both OFT and Financial Ombudsman to do it. They get a certain amount of free investigations per year and then are charged over £500 for every other investigation by the FOS so get complaining. And make a point of telling them you are complaini
  3. Withdrawing my complaint will not be happening, that's not open for negotiation! I've been told by a lady at citizens advice that the FOS have been forcing quite a few companies into giving compensation recently so it could be more than the £550 investigation fee. Im not after compensation although we have suffered months of hell from this company. we were stupid and got into a mess with a lot of companies but these have been evil to deal with. I do find it it quite amusing that even if I pay them the £170 they want I will still have cost them over £150! My loan was only £200 and I have paid £
  4. But if you read it carefully its still conditnal on you dropping complaints against them. They are running scared and I'm betting that if you drop the complaint then they won't have keptnanrecord of it either somitnwill be like it never happened! Given the way they are starting to act vaguely reasonably convinces me more than ever that they are nearing the end and are close to being very publicly named and shamed and closed down!
  5. I know they are. We have given a witness statement. I intend to make it very clear that whatever we settle for paying to clear the debt off my complaints remain and will not be withdrawn. They reckon that they did cancel the CPA when they said they would but they still bombarded me with daily texts and emails saying that they were going to take money and then when they couldn't. Surely this goes against that? And surely e Even if they did why cancel it why have they let me spend the last eight months thinking they are trying to take my money....I had already switched banks and cancelled with
  6. How? It will help me reply if you could give specifics please?
  7. I'm not sure? My big issue here is that I don't actually trust them enough to believe that £170 would settle it. They aren't exactly known for their honesty and for sticking to their word. Plus I don't want to withdraw my complaint to the FOS as its valid and could help other people. I won't have that as a term of settlement, that part isn't negotiable. The more complaints officially made about these people the better.
  8. I have had a reply!!!!! OUR REF: xxxxxxxx Dear Ms We are sorry to hear that you have a complaint about the service you have received. The company attempts to treat its customers fairly in all circumstances and we apologise if you believe the service you have received falls short of your expectations in any way. Please accept this email as acknowledgment of your complaint. We have 8 weeks in which to try to come to an amicable agreement. If we are unable to come to resolve your complaint in that period, you will receive a Final Written Response. This will set out the com
  9. I know they have 8 weeks to reply, but I'm not expecting one! They have had three formal complaints now and ignored all of them. I need this to be sorted. We are finally almost there with our debts. Repayment plans in place for all of them except this and mini credit but I have been putting the moment aside I'm willing to pay for them so could in theory clear both if they stopped adding bogus charges on. I just want it done now and to be PDL debt free by the new year which could be done. We have worked so hard to get to this point and I refuse to let a bunch of opportunist con men take that aw
  10. I have just submitted the following to the easy finance muppets. Wonder if I get a response. And I am deadly serious about invoicing them for my time. If they can send me letters asking for money they have no rights to then surely I can bill them for use of my time lol. And it would be worth the cost of a recorded delivery letter to see how they respond! FORMAL COMPLAINT reference xxxxxxxxx Please note that this message being typed is being recorded on a video camera as proof we have submitted it to you. We will only communicate via email and as such require a response from a n
  11. Lending stream are hard work to set up a repayment plan with. I got their bank details from someone on here, and just started paying them. They are gladly taking the payments but I still get letters from Mackenzie Hall on an almost weekly basis saying I owe them money, always minus the amount I paid the previous time! Oh well, only 6 months left and I will have paid them off! The other alternative is to send them postal orders. They can't refuse any legitimate payment and if they do decide to go to court it will prove you are repaying them so they will be laughed away!
  12. Separately as I had different issues with each company. In fact only one of the ten companies we stupidly borrowed from have escaped complaint. They were piggy bank. Borrowed £400 from them, defaultd, they gave us their bank details next day and agreed immediately to our repayment plan. As they played ball, didnt add any fees or charges and were decent we have actually cleared that debt. All the others have had complaints made and I hope we cost them money cos none of our loans, plus interest have been worth £550 so would be judgement in them.
  13. I don't know because they won't respond by email. Apparently I need to ring them to resolve this which I won't be doing. Just don't see how owing £430 but now repaid £140 means I still owe £580 to them. I'm paying them another £350 maximum and then if they want any more they can take me to court for it. I can't see a judge agreeing with them, especially as I'm repaying it and haven't missed a payment. Plus it's way more than the loan plus one month interest.
  14. Erm, no they haven't replied. Today I sent them a similar message but added that I have now complained to the Financial ombudsman about them and their failure to honour my request to cancel the CPA on my card. Reminded then that it would cost them £550 for that complaint to be investigated. Also told them I would be sending them daily messages from now onwards at a cost to them of £10 per time , billing them for use of my time. As my legal debt now only stands at £42 it could be expensive for them!!! Just by complaining about them I've made them a loss on my loan!
  15. Complaints just been emailed off for 9 different PDL companies! Didn't take long! Everyone should do it!
  16. Thanks, Going to draft them another email now and in it say that I am contesting all the charges and interest and telling them that I will only repay them another £350 which I think is more than reasonable. I am going to increase my repayments as well to £10 a week for now. Now I don't have any nursery fees to find I can afford to increase all my repayments meaning I could be PDL free by Xmas if they'd all play ball and stop adding charges and fees.
  17. I went through all my old emails last night and on the date I defaulted I only owed them £430.92 from a £500 loan as I had started making payments. I have since made £105 worth of payments but apparently my debt still stands at nearly £600. I am not paying this much. And they are ignoring all my emails. What do I do now and what is a reasonable amount to repay them? I personally think I should only repay the £430 outstanding plus a default fee, minus the £105 I have already paid leaving me about £350ish to repay not £600ish. Would that be reasonable? How do I word an email saying they are taki
  18. I'm really struggling with wonga at the moment. I took a £400 loan out with them in November and I did start repaying it early in order to reduce the about owed. However I did default and started repaying my loan in January at the rate of £5 a week. Not a huge amount but better than nothing. However I have just been online and it says I still owe them £589.27. Surely this can't be right? How can I go about getting this reduced because I've worke out they must have had over £200 already from me. I've just emailed them saying I have been repaying a per our agreement and it isn't being reflected
  19. We let all calls go to voicemail and let them leave a message, which is always rude, full of illegal threats and part of my ongoing complaint to the oft. I only owe them £42 now but they claim its £700. Get a complaint to the oft. The more people that complain the sooner they will be shut down for good,
  20. Having got sick of these money robbing unethical idiots I decided to get just as aggressive today and sent them the following message: To whom it may concern, Please note that to prove we have sent this we are recording it being sent and adding the video evidence to a portfolio we are forwarding to the Office of Fair Trading. I wish to place my account reference ********** in to dispute with to regards the outstanding balance due to the illegal and non-enforceable charges you have made. My debt should be £272 (original loan plus one month interest) minus £230 already paid leavin
  21. Our £270 loan with minicredit has now been transferred to OPOS who say we owe £1540. I think not. I'm willing to pay what I legally owe at a rate I can afford which is £10 a month at the moment. I've been putting that away in an ISA since January. How likely are opos to agree that I owe nowhere near that amount and agree to the £10 a month repayment plan? I finish paying off two them loans in Sept and can increase to £20 a month then. Want to be clear of PDLs by this time next year but when they hike on charges like this I can't see it happening. Anyone dealt with these people and got adv
  22. Barclays gave me an account with bad credit and I've heard that the coop do a basic account as well that's good.
  23. We have! They were without a doubt the easiest of all the companies to deal with! I told them what we could afford and they agreed it straightaway. They sent me their bank details in that email. I just had to confirm I'd set up the SO and they email me weekly with my new balance. They also froze it at one month interest and no default fees and if I stick to my replayment plan won't register a default on my credit file!
  24. That's what I don't understand! We have an email stating they have frozen all interest and charges. I have just emailed them a formal complaint about this and demanded a full breakdown of all charges, and every payment I have made to date. I'm not paying them a penny more than I have too! And here was me saying they were one of them better PDL companies! Or not!
  25. Hi, I entered a repayment plan with Wonga to pay £5 per week until May and then increase it to £10 a week until the loan was cleared. I haven't missed a payment but the amount I owe seems to be going up! For a £500 that I had started repaying before my due date they now say I owe them £690 and I've been paying them the £5 a week since before Christmas! When i started the repayment plan I only owed them £480 so they can't be deducting my payments and are adding more on in interest than I am paying per week! Please Help! I don't know what to do! We actually felt like we were getting so
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