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  1. I hope someone here can help as I'm at the end of my rope and have nowhere else to turn. Back in November I received a letter saying my contributions based jsa was ending and I would need to change to income based. I immediately phoned the benefit enquiries line and was told I wouldn't need to do anything as my circumstances hadn't changed. My partner received the same letter and did the same thing we were both assured we didn't need to do anything. We signed on before Christmas and both double checked with the people we signed on with who said again that we didn't need to do anything and that the change over would happen automatically. Although I was advised that if I wanted to be double sure I could fill in a jsa 3 form and send that in to make sure they had all our information. This got forgotten over Xmas, then we weren't paid when we should have been. On 3rd Jan we received a letter each saying that they couldn't pay our benefit from 15th Dec. The letter hadn't even been sent until 2nd Jan. Since then we have sent in 2 seperate jsa 3 forms the first we handed in at our local job centre to be sent with their internal mail. This one according to the enquiries office has been lost in their internal post. The second form we sent in a week ago and they still hadn't received on friday so I'm terrified they'll loose this one too. My question is this, do we not have any options other than keep sending them forms for them to loose? We've now been 5 weeks without pay, we live 7 miles outside town and have no way of getting in to collect a crisis loan. We're out of food, our utilities are starting to be cut off, and now my medication has run out and I can't afford the bus to town to collect my prescription. Surely there's SOMETHING we can do? They just keep saying they can't release payment until they receive our form
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