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  1. New car, but have not got to the point of arranging finance with them for it yet, need to take in some paperwork - but that's obviously not going to happen now...
  2. Thanks for the pointers, do you know if there is a legal limit to what would be deemed as an acceptable amount for their losses? I spoke to them today and they still didn't want to budge they even threatened to counter sue for loss of earnings ? Very disappointed considering this is a main dealer of a large motor manufacturer. Also very sad that people have to be like this. Thanks Bob
  3. Hi All, Ordered a new car yesterday (completed a new car vehicle order form), in stock at dealer at about 5PM, when returning home I found that the cost of the vehicle on the paperwork was actually £1600 higher than we originally talked about. This meant that a used car exactly the spec I wanted was cheaper... grrrr I called the dealer the next morning .. Sunday... and was told that I could cancel but they would be keeping the deposit (significant amount) because they had another possibility to sell the same car that day and they have sold my part exchange who in turn have sold it on
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