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  1. jamga100

    MBNA Aktiv Kapital

    Hi Oh about 2006/07 Jamga x
  2. jamga100

    MBNA Aktiv Kapital

    Hello and Happy New Year ! Well that old friend Activ Kapital are rearing their head again... I ignored them on the phone, and that seemed to work for a few months. However had phone calls again over the last couple of weeks. I have refused to talk to them, but did check my credit file with Noddle and they do appear as the lender on this credit card. Shoul I panic and try and come to an agreement or continue to ignore ? Help !! best regards Jamga
  3. jamga100

    MBNA Aktiv Kapital

    Hi Sorry I meant the CRA company Noddle as they couldn't verify me regards Jamga
  4. jamga100

    MBNA Aktiv Kapital

    Hi, Yes it was a virgin mbna card. Just tried to log in to that account with virgin. It is now closed with a zero balance. However Aktiv Kapital say they are dealing with my account. Ive also just tried to register to check my CRA but couldn't verify me? Should I email them ? Thank you once again:???: Jamga
  5. jamga100

    MBNA Aktiv Kapital

    Hi I had a virgin credit card which I stopped payiing last autumn2012 due to financial difficulties. They sent me a letter around xmas time to say they had passed my debt on to Aktiv Capital. Around a month later I started getting frequent calls from Aktiv Capital, but just kept fobbing them off, saying they had phoned at an inconvenient time. After reading one of your blogs I refused to give them information over the phone. That very day I received a letter from them asking for the full amount. Activ phoned me again that afternoon saying they had sent at least two letters, and that I had to deal with them over the phone as that it is how they always deal with customers. They suggested (even though I wouldn't comment) that I pay the amount in full, or if not over 3 monthly payments. I did comment that if I had been able to then I would have paid Virgin, but I wanted to see comunication in writing before agreeing to comment further ! HELP !! what should i do now please. many thanks Jamga
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