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  1. I do not know what the debt is supposed to be for or how much. They do not say. However a curious code >30 appears at the end of their refernce number. Could this mean LESS THAN £30, £300, £3000 ?. I have lived at the same address since 1998 and have never received any payment demands from anyone or any company since I moved here. That is a total of 15 years. As the name on the letter is mis-spelled this could be for someone else with a similar sounding name. My name as pronounced by americans sounds like the name on the letters. Is RUTHBRIDGE an american debt collection agency I wonder ? A
  2. I have received 2 letters from a company called RUTHBRIDGE which I gather from the Internet are some kind of Debt Collector. To begin with the name on the letter is not my name.The spelling is different. I was once in business as a sole proprietor.This business ceased trading in September 1997. I had mental health issues at the time and are on-going under the care of my GP. I am retired on a state pension. I rent from a housing association. My house was re-posessed by the bank in 1998. I do not owe any money to any person , business, bank or credit/store card companies ex
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