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  1. Hiya Peeps, Well, I finally got my AQ sent off 2 weeks ago, but as yet have not heard anything back from the court. Cobbetts hassled me twice this past couple of weeks with their usual stalling tacticks, by requested further copies of my schedule of charges, which between them, NatWest and Cobbetts have had 5 times! I sent them a further schedule recorded as requested. I received a call from Cobbetts the other day to advise that they had received the same, and that my schedule now looked ok (I personally thought it looked very nice the other 4 times, but, hey!) The la
  2. Hope you get your cash out Lori, is that what natwest are doing at the moment then?, paying chq into your account to pay off your O/D without your consent, and then closing the A/C?....I do hope not, I need my cash for my move soon. They made me go without for 6 years, now they will have my money that I owe them when I want to give it them.......say in about 6 years? he he he! skintmum inc
  3. Hi BB, Don't laugh !!! Will PM you for help.....and thanks :o
  4. Hi All, Could some lovely person out there please help me? I am at a stage where I have just had enough of this claiming business, and cobblers giving me the run around. I sent my refusal to complete the cpr18 request last week, and on Saturday I have received yet another request for info from them. Here is what they wrote (was only 3 sentences long), could someone tell me what I should write back with. "Thank you for your ltr dated 24 March 2007, unfortunately, the list of charges that you enclosed does not explain how you reached the 8% interest figure of xxxx. Please b
  5. About time too! Most definately signed and passed on, will be good to see what happens next with the petition. skintmum inc x
  6. Hi Loristar, FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Well done!!! Hope that you will not be investing that lovely lolly with Natwest! Too bad about your car, hope the cash makes up for your bad luck this week. Enjoy the money, and promise me that you will let out a huge cheesy grin every time that you spend a single penny of that money that they have been forced to give you back. Have a fab weekend........enjoy! skintmum inc x ps. I sent my ltr refusing to do the cpr18 to cobblers / court on Monday, any idea what natwest may do next? do you think they will set a court date or just p
  7. Loving that memo! But I am now wondering if I should have made a comlaint about my statements. I requested them in my DPA SAR, they arrived on the 39 day, and they were in a plain white envelope that was all torn open, sent 1st class and didnt even require a signature. I did complain verbally to Stuart Higley who just appologised. I have worked in a bank for 17 yrs, and am examined on the DPA anually. I was so engrossed in getting these turkeys to pay my edited money back, that I never put my complaint in writing, even though at the time I was sure that they had to send this sort of sensitive
  8. Hi, Could some one please put my mind to rest. I have been advised in the chat room to complete a N224 or maybe a N244 (Cant really remember) as the info now dispalying on my MCOL claim form has for some reason changed my total amount that included interest, to just the flat rate of what natwest owe me. I really wanted to claim interest and followed the link I was given to amend my claim at court to include interest, but it keeps crashing my PC! I have tried a zillion times to find the template to send an amendment to the court, but I just cannot find it anywhere. I am really panicking,
  9. Lori, If it makes you feel better I am totally stressed out with the whole process. I haven't actually got too far along yet, just submitted the petition last week, but the B******s have sent an acknowledgement of claim to the court to buy themselves 28 days in which to enter a defence. It frustrate the hell out of me, because from what I can see they will have to pay up at least some of the money, so why prolong things? It is only causing them more time and effort in the long run, I was dissappointed that they didn't even offer me a portion of the money I was requesting, or even a t
  10. I am useless with ps'c too, i am struggling to get my way around this posting business, and dont even know if i am adding onto an original thread or just creating more of them, i hope someone can help me.
  11. I submitted my MCOL on Sat 17th, not heard anything from Natwet yet. How do you view their response to the court?
  12. Cheers for the advice & humour......will read up on those all important notes......for the record Women are always right and we drive better too!
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