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  1. Thanks Rebecca, I have had a letter saying that I do not qualify ?? I can't believe it ??
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. As I have never done this before I just filled in the forms at the job centre as requested and no one mentioned what the requirements were or that there were 2 types. Does that mean that one type you have to have paid 26 x LEL ( £107 ) =£2782 type 2 50 x LEL =£5350 this seems an awful lot and a lot of the people there I spoke to ( IE jobless not staff ) have only been earning £12,000 + ??
  3. Hi I have recently applied for jobseekers, the first time in my life I have ever claimed any sort of benefit. I have been told I have not paid enough in NI to qualify ????!!! The 2 tax years they are using to access my claim are 2011 I earned £20115.00 and paid £1849.00 in NI 2012 I earned £38494.00 and paid £3767.92 in NI I cannot believe I have not paid enough NI, can you. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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