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  1. Hi Yes that is my real name. I have asked my wife to request any policies or procedures relating to this so i'll have to see what she comes back with after work today. The issue I have with it all is the school has actually used my wife to cover teaching classes on the basis that she is a trainee teacher and now they are unwilling to allow her the time off unpaid to finish her education. Also, I am aware that they have offered another trainee teacher a very(too) similar job to the one my wife is currently doing to start at exactly the same time as my wife starts her placement. N
  2. Hi My wife is a teaching assistant training to be a teacher. Her head teacher told her last year that she could have her 9 week placement off but would need to be unpaid, today she has been told that if she wants to do her 9 week placement she has to resign??? Advice please. N
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