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  1. hi thanks again for responding according to the v5 they have had the vehicle since 23/02/11 the change seemed to take place feb 2011.
  2. hi thanks for the responses, i brought it cash £1800 mainly as the mileage for the age of car was so low, and it seemed okay as with all second hand cars you can never tell. we did record the telephone conversation with his acknowledgement so we have proof that he agreed a refund. he is being extremely rude and refusing to do anything about it i have contacted tradng standards and under the sale of goods act 1979 he is obliged to refund the money or like for like but he is having none of it they have told me to write to them so that is my next call. if he didnt know it was clocked is it still down to him to deal with this or the person he got it from? thanks
  3. hi could anyone help me, on saturday 13th january 2013 i brought a car from adealer it said it had done 76000 miles excellent car etc etc the next day car broke down and overheated rac came out had to be towed the car is now undrivable i checked on the dvla to make sure this wasnt a dodgy mot and found that the car had been clocked 2 years ago at doing 127000 miles we phoned the garage and they said that they would refund and collect the car today thaey have now said that they wont and we can take them to court as they will not give us a refund at all where do i stand i phoned the trading standards but it seems so long winded my husband has just started a new job and we desperatly need two cars but we now have no money to get another please any more advice would be greatly recieved thanks maroire
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