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  1. Natwest is the bank i am thinking of going to now i am going to have a word with citizens advice aswell see what they can do, but looking at the agreement from lending stream the way they have done this has gone against the agreed methods of collecting the money they themselves stated so they may have voided their own contract but we will see what is said when i speak to citizens advice. I would to thank everyone for their input and advice aswell.
  2. so i talked with the bank they said they couldn't do anything but told me to go to my local branch to see if anything could be done. When i got down to the bank i was told 3 times nothing could be done but they finally agreed that because it was JSA money they had to allow me to have it but it now means i have a debt with the bank i have to sort and i am going to have to find a new bank now.
  3. No and even then no company should share you card details with another company, I mean sort of class a some sort of fraud or at least must be against privacy laws. I mean it would be like buying something from amazon then them giving ebay you card details for them to take money from you.
  4. the card details they have for me were old card details now when i ask the guy i spoke to on the phone to the bank he said they must have got my new card details from visa. Now isn't that illegal???
  5. This has just happened to me now. I bank with Halifax i currently have no job (after been laid off) and so i am on Job Seekers Allowance i got my JSA money every two weeks it have just gone in and i can't access it. I rang the bank to find out why and was told lending stream has taken money £260 out of my account yesterday while there was only 0.08p. So far tho the money hasn't fully been taken so hopefully i can get it stopped when i ring the disputes team in the morning. The main problem is i no food left in the house and the £142 (which i get every two weeks thus doesn't go far) is all i have to buy food with if don't get it i put afford gas for the heating or food to eat it is disgraceful that a company can act like this.
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