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  1. Hello fellow Caggers. I am really looking for some advice here, not jst for me, but for others that are experiencing the same issue as myself too. This is going to be a very long story, but I will try and keep it as short as possible. I upgraded to a Sony Xperia Z5 in October via an early upgrade, through my mobile network, Three. The phone itself worked fine in a sense of using apps, calls & messages. However, all was not well with the camera which Sony Mobile claim is, "The Worlds Best Camera in a Smartphone." When taking some photos I noticed a blur on the left side of th
  2. Bit disappointing to read, but I assumed as such given the thread was an old thread anyway. Are there ANY circumstances which would warrant eventual court action against them?
  3. I have been reading the stickies at the top of this forum regarding charges/penalties being applied to a customers account for not paying by Direct Debit. I had a similar argument with Virgin Media, but rather than pursue it further with them, I cancelled my contract with them as I only had just over 30 days left to go anyway. However, my attention was then aimed towards my mobile provider, Three/Hutchison 3G, also applying a 'Payment method administration charge' of £4.08 each month to both of my contracts with them. Technically, the 'Payment method administration charge' is just a fanc
  4. Thanks for the reply. No, no letter from GP. Also didn't contact a GP nor NHS24/101 as they would only give advice that any diabetic would normally do in that situation. So no point calling them to get advice I already knew about. Think I'll just call them in the morning an explain the situation as best as I can, but shame on ATOS for failing to mention on ANY letter that you can only cancel an appointment once. I still don't know where I stand in terms of being re-assessed anyway, which is irking me.
  5. I have been on ESA since 2011. In 2012 I had a WCA with ATOS, failed the WCA and successfully won my appeal against them in 2013 with ESA re-instated and placed on support group. Earlier this year (January) I received a ESA50 form. This was not long after the DWP recently decided to defer routine repeat assessments until further notice. Anyway, I completed it, sent it back and called the DWP to clarify that repeat assessments were deferred, to which I was advised that they were and I shouldn't need to be re-assessed until at least 2015. However, imagine my surprise when I received a
  6. 1. I actually logged into the mobiles.co.uk website last night and checked what I got with my order. My package contained my Note 2, Microsim & mobiles.co.uk welcome pack (of which I have a pdf copy). I certainly did not receive a copy of any T's & C's (yellow copy) from O2 which I would of normally got had I of upgraded in an O2 store or other store. I certainly do not recall anything on their website at the time of upgrading regarding price rises. Even if it did mention it, which I'm pretty sure it didn't, then I intend to use the following as per my original post.
  7. So it may be in my best interest to look into this part of the schedule and approach from that angle as opposed to the angles I have been looking at?
  8. I appreciate your input andydd, but I intend to use the arguments above to back up my case against O2. I'd already, some months ago in fact, informed O2 that I was currently suffering hardship due to loss of employment and they kindly lowered my tariff to the very lowest tariff they could put me on. How can they then justify an above inflation increase (if we take the use of CPI & not RPI) and not expect that to cause me material detriment? I'm not doubting your knowledge in anyway at all andydd, but there must be something that I can do to stop this. Unfortunately, O2 have responded
  9. The below shows any future price rises was not clearly and adequately drawn to my attention when ordering via mobiles.co.uk in November 2012. The O2 website openly admits that prior to January 2014 their advertising DID NOT reference price rises!!! I am also intending to mention the following: 1. The contract, point of sale material, and the salesperson did not make it clear that a price rise would or could occur during the contract. 2. Raising prices in line with the Retail Prices Index causes me material detriment because (a) my own income has not risen by 2.7% and/or
  10. Thanks for that, much appreciated. Basically I filled in the Particulars of Claim when making my claim against them using MCOL. Upon reflection, I thought that it was good enough and should of given a bit more detail or better detail. However, if they (O2) defend and it goes to court, then I am happy that I will be able to submit more evidence to support my claim against them.
  11. Admin, can this be moved to the legal forums please? Thanks.
  12. Hi all, just need some advice. I've filed a small claim against O2 Telefonica using MCOL. My current claim status is as follows: How long do O2 have now to respond? My second query is, if the need arises in the future that I can add more information to my claim? When submitting my claim I was limited (by characters) to describe the reasons for my claim. My reasons for the claim are: 1. The contract, point of sale material, and the salesperson did not make it clear that a price rise would or could occur during the contract. 2. Raising prices in line wi
  13. Well, I've filed a claim against them using MCOL. I take it, if the need arises in the future that I can add more information to the claim? When submitting my claim I was limited as to what to put for the reason for my claim. My main reasons for the claim are as follows: the unfair terms under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 - according to your T's&C's O2 are free to raise prices but the customer cannot leave without paying a early termination penalty/higher bills, so technically I'm trapped into paying the higher price = unfair contract term.
  14. I despise B&W for that reason. I didn't want to link to the press for obvious reasons. I managed to find the ATOS blog about it in the end though. Made me chuckle how the B&W link went to Disney's site though, quite apt really.
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