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  1. Had an email from Soafitalia this evening stating they will not repair , replace , refund and they are very aware of the SOGA . So iam going to post a letter recorded delivery to them next week . Any advice for the way forward greatly appreciated tone of letters wording etc . I feel very aggreived at their attitude of point blank indifference.
  2. Thanks for the replys people. I understand the reasons why Staingard would not repair under the wear and tear reason. My problem is that If I had known that the sofas would only last under three years light domestic use I wouldnt have bought them I could have bought three cheaper ones that last the same time and kept two in the garage till one faded at least I would have approx nine years rather than 34 months old which includes 6 months in storage so in essence 28 months. I thought that under SOGA goods had to last a certain time a reasonable person would expect . I thought i would have a good case as the suite was expensive and soposedly high quality in fact it is still on the website with a sopposedly RRP of £2299. I have no problem getting an independant person to assses it on the understanding that Sofaitalia would pay the bill if found in my favour. I'll have to wait till my wife gets in to locate original reciept.
  3. Good Morning This is my first post so please bear with me. Basicaly we purchased a three seater and a two seater sofa and foot stool from Sofaitalia an online company that was in process of opening a store in Stockton on tees we orderd from the store and took delivery end March 2010. the 2 seater sofa cost £950 . We also purchased a staingard cover for £240. The suite wasnt used between April 2011 and Dec 11 due to house move . We noticed about three weeks ago that one of the back cushions at the head neck height the colour has faded right to base leather ( sold as full grain semi aniline) we contacted staingard who inspected and informed no action as its wear and tear and colour fade is not covered . I contacted Sofaitalia who agree with Staingard. However I do not believe under the SOGA that a sofa of this quality and price should only last less than three years with light domestic use there are only three of us in the family . We are far from happy I'm sending Sofaitalia a letter quoting SOGA and my precieved rights as a consumer . Can anyone help point me in the right direction of what we can expect or even if i may be expecting too much in that I would idealy like the sofa replacing at the very least a good repair. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
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