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  1. Hi, Firstly thanks for allowing me to join the forum, I hope to learn a lot and will try to help others if I can. My situation is with regards to a purchase that went wrong due to an extremely dodgy character who has a tendancy to take money and then change the name of the company, so far costing my family and I in excess of £20,000. After a serious accident which left me disabled I was awarded a compensation payout and with part of the money I sourced a car on Ebay that was advertised for import into the UK from Japan. The ebay seller (I'll refer to him as ebay user name: 'car-importer') was contacted and reassuerd me that he was legitimate and that he knew the car in person. He also stated that the car was in perfect condition and had been built to a very high standard. I insisted on meeting in person so that I could confirm that the ebay seller 'car-importer' was in fact in the UK and was not operating from a laptop in Somalia etc. A time and date was arranged and I travelled to the address that the ebay seller had provided. After speaking with him in person I took his reassurance on board and handed over payment in the form of a bankers draft, I had been instructed by the ebay seller to have the bankers draft made payable to 'Miss ******* T/A 'car importer'. I had been informed that the ebay listing price of £13,000 had to be paid in full prior to the car being shipped from Japan. I was told that I would have to pay the outstanding balance of £1000 for shipping/taxes etc once the car was ready for my collection, this would be in 6 weeks time). That evening I recieved an email from ebay seller 'car-importer' offering a number of upgraded parts (leather seats etc) at an additional cost of £2000. I agreed and payment was again made, this time £500 cash and the remainder to the bank account of 'Miss **********' For several months I enquired as to where my car was and I was continually told that there had been delays/it had shipped/it had shipped again because of more delays until eventually ebay seller 'car-importer' told me that he didn't know where the car was as it was now on a ship and he would not know where it was until he recieved paperwork to the effect that it had landed in the UK. Eventually after 7 months I received an email stating that the car had arrived and was ready for collection, though import duty payment etc had gone up by 50% to £1500. I just wanted my car so with £1500 in hand I ventured down to collect it. On my arrival however it became obvious that the car that was presented to me differed somewhat from that which I had paid for. -The car was 3 years older -The body work and paint was really quite bad with the original red colour beaming through from beneath the new blue. -The engine appeared different to that of the advertised car and it was generally of poor quality On these grounds I rejected the car and was subsequently told by ebay seller 'car-importer' that I should speak to his solicitor. I employed the services of my own solicitor and after a few months of to'ing and fro'ing (after ebay seller 'car-importer' attempted to ignore the above facts) his solisitor was provided with copies of the original advert and photographs and additional photographs of the 'delivered' car. In light of this evidence the ebay seller 'car-importer' agreed to refund the money (although he refused to refund the additional £2000 for the seats as these were supposedly purchased at my request, I have email evidence that clearly proves otherwise). Ebay seller 'car-importer' stated that he needed 28 days to sell the delivered car in order to obtain the money. After several months (and further ebay listings attempting to sell the delivered car...with the advert clearly stating that the bodywork and paint were bad when it had arrived and had since been redone in the UK, and stating that the age of the vehicle was 3 years older than the car that I had paid for and stating that the power output of the engine was approximately 200bhp less than the car that I had paid for) the car eventually sold. I contacted the ebay seller 'car-importer' and asked when I would be receieving my refund, to which ebay seller 'car-importer' laughed and said that I wouldn't be receieving a penny and that 'the company' called 'car importer' wouldn't be around much longer. He confirmed that he had sold the car for the sum of £5000 but that had been spent on repairing the bodywork and paying the import duty. The phone then went dead.... A few weeks later we recieved a letter from an insolvency agency stating that Miss ********* the 'owner' of the company called 'car importer' had filed for insolvency and that we should expect to recieve approximately £1000 of the total amount that we had paid for the car, and that it would be paid over a 5 year period... It then transpired that Miss ******* is the fiancee' and mother of ebay seller 'car-importer' children and that on the day that 'car-importer' had agreed to refund the money, she had been registered as the owner of a non limited company trading under the name of 'car importer'. It is worth pointing out that the ebay account 'car-importer' is in the name of the man, as was all email addresses (naming him personally), as were the legal correspondence from 'his' solicitor and general posts on public forums etc. A short while later Miss ******** defaulted on her insolvency and was declared bankrupt. The company 'car importer' officially ceased trading. However at the same time all of the 'car importer' assets were moved to a new premises about a mile down the road and ebay seller 'car importer' re-established the company under the name of 'car-japanese-importer'. The same ebay account was still used despite the user name being changed from 'car-importer' to 'car-japanese-importer'. Ebay have confirmed this and have stated that it is on record. The same ebay account was yet again changed several months later to 'JCB-clothing' It transpired that prior to filing for insolvency over £106,000 in credit car cash advances had been made by Miss ********* and the family home had been re-morgaged (100%) All of the assets had been transferred to the actual name of the ebay seller. It laster became apparent that they owned a villa in Bulgaria (obviously again, nothing was in the name of Miss *******) The original ebay seller (previously 'car-importer') boasted on a public forum about making £100,000+ money transfers to an account in the US. It also transpired that an Italian company had paid 'car-importer' well in excess of £100,000 (I have copies of all bank transfers from the Italian company after they contacted me regarding the ebay seller) it became apparent that 'car-importer' had taken the money off the Italian company and had not delivered all of the cars that he was supposed to, then again declaring on a public forum that 'he' had spent the money and there was none left! Many more individuals have come forward now stating that they too had lost money through various transactions, some for cars, some being mis-sold expensive engines which turned out to be standard and even sponsors who had provided parts for the race team (I should mention that in th eheight of the recession ebay seller 'car-importer' ran two professional race cars in a UK and European series, employing proffessional drivers in the form of the Australian champion and European champion to driver the 'car importer' cars) *all of this at the same time that the 'company' ceased trading (literally the same day!! Now there is clearly a lot of fraudulent activity going on in the background which spreads across the globe however that I'm sure is a job for the Police. For my family however we simply want our £15,000 refunded or the delivery of the car that we have paid for. What makes it worse is the fact that ebay seller 'car-importer' is continuing to operate and rip people off and then simply changing the name of the company. It is now on approximately it's 6th incarnation since I paid him for the car in full in 2008. My point is, I bought the car from him (his ebay account) and regardless of the fact that 'a' company that shares a very similar name to his ebay account (ie. ebay account = 'car-importer' bankrupt company account = 'car importer'....they are different names, and everything was switched at the last minute) I believe we have a few months remaining to commit to taking this individual to court any advise would be very much appreciated thanks in advance
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