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  1. wow! a lot of info, thank you so much i never expected so much help =) so basically i need to get a copy of my ORIGINAL agreement that i originally signed, then when i have proof send the letter posted above no parents or guardians where involved. at 17 i got flat with my partner, then it turned up as i sed "you have been invited to apply mr wickham" we decided "yeh y not u can get 1 at 17" went on a £250 pending spree, warhammer, guitar, etc, etc.spent my time for 2 yrs spending and paying off then lost job and got out of hand... also point taken about the dca's decieving and lying.once had arrears with one of the lecky co.'s paid it off then 3months later the dca's repping them sed i had to pay some admin charges incurred after the account was closed!!!! i told them to f. off and that i would be taking them to court never heard out since.... think it was wectcott
  2. i did enter the correct D.O.B. as i said i didn't lie i honestly tht i could get one legally at 17... i now realise this was very stupid/naive of me. i'm 23 in march so that would make it 6 yrs then since i applied (it was around my b/day i applied) the last payment would be about 3 years ago
  3. hello there ppl, i'm daryl i was persued for a debt with capitol one credit card by capquest for quite a few years until i moved house mid last year. capitol one gave me the credit card when i was 17, i had recieved one of them invitations to apply through the post.being young i honestly thought u could get credit cards at 16.the apllication made no mention of being over 18 it only mentioned that i agree all info is accurate and true,which it was. after sending off the form i got a long black and white paper document, a credit agreement i assume, but i didn't need to sign that a few day l8er my card turned up. when they get eventually trace me and get bk in touch what should my approach be? i have tried mentioning this before to capquest but they didn't care, just insisted i pay in full there and then many thanks in advance pps
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