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  1. My girlfriend did not give me permission to use it. She had starting walking to work in the mornings & hadnt been using it lately so whenever she'd left it in the house, i used it. I know what i did was wrong but i didnt think it would be considered as theft because its my partners & i only borrowed it for a short period of time... i guess its a really complicated situation. I'll have to try & get that message across when i reply to their letter.
  2. If i knew it was this serious an offence i wouldn't have taken the jobto begin with. I didnt think it would of gone beyond a fine... i guess i was just being nieve.
  3. Thanks for the info BazzaS. So you recommend trying persuade them to persue an alternative to court, but not until i recieve their letter 1st?
  4. Hi Everyone. Was just wondering if i could ask a few questions? Last week i got caught using my girlfriends freedom pass on the tube. The man (accompanied by a police officer) stopped me as i was coming out of a station. He took the freedom pass off me along with my details & said i would recieve a letter in the next 4-6 weeks stating what the next steps would be. I was very appologetic & honest. I explained that i had just got a temp job in london for a week but because i had been out of work for a while & i didn't have any money, that i couldn't afford to get their. so whenever my girlfriend didnt take her pass with her to work, i took it (without her knowing). I think i used it 5 times in all but thats the only time ive ever used it & ive never been in any trouble with any law before in my life. Ive read a few threads on here where people have said they've had to go to court. Does anyone know what % of these cases go to court? Also, i would like to send a letter explaining my actions before i recieve a letter from them. I would like to explain that its not that didnt want to pay my fare, its that i physically couldn't & i did something stupid out of desperation. I would also tell them that once i get paid for the temp work ive done that i would like to pay for the fares i avoided & any additional fees they seem approprate. Does anyone know where i can send my letter too? I cant seem to find an address? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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